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Megan Morton.  STYLING. STYLING. STYLING. And rooms. And houses. And Paris & India Excursions. New book 'It's Beautiful Here' signed copies at www.meganmorton.com


Just insert our very own Maharani @maybelleimasa! #theschoollovesindia #andmaybelle #andkulfi #andmarigolds #andeveryone more on stories because it’s Diwali and we are all having too much fun.

@flicbailes mark making with handmade indigo by @dyptsimonmarks under the heady influence of Jaipur’s glorious Albert Hall, (1887) a monument devoted to so many architectural styles yet so utterly digestible.#theschoollovesindia

☝️💛🎉 shot by @afloralfrenzy, Diwali prep

I don’t know what to do or say about this, so I am just parking it here. #theschoollovesindia here the birds chirping on Stories (or come with us next March, link in profile). #dsflowers

Pushkar pinks #theschoollovesindia


Diwali preparations well underway! Every tailor has his foot to the floor, no upholster is interested in making my elephant grey leather yoga blocks and people are painting their entire house new colours! (imagine Christmas Eve/End Of Financial Year/ Easter / New Year’s Eve and your BFF’s birthday all wrapped into one moment, celebrated by almost every faith and your whole city gets strung with lights and candles and parties, gambles, loves, forgives/forgets and feasts all night long!) #theschoollovesindia

Meet my new parents, adoption papers complete! More on Stories of what my new family business grows and sells...

well well well, so @the_lestrange and I walked into @barpalladio chasing a quiet Aperol and ended up crashing a very private and very fabulous party by @brucekeebaugh. What a night 🍊🌴🤸🏾‍♀️ and the joy of seeing you Will was as magnificent as the Palladio marigold mega balls. #goheidigo

Counting down the days till I am here again. Last time I was at the rose farm, stories didn’t exist so I can’t wait to show you to hard labour, grit and toil of extracting rose oil from the petals as a complete contrast to this mound of heaven. Or better still, come with me to Pushkar, India and meet the amazing women and men who do this work next March. You will never smell the same again. Link in profile, because #youonlyliveonce #theschoollovesindia

Thanks for all the great driving this week Raj and for all the great looks. 🕶

just add the sound of pollinating bee’s buzzing and Indian beer tops popping.

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