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Megan Morton.  STYLING. STYLING. STYLING. And rooms. And houses. And Paris & India Excursions. New book 'It's Beautiful Here' signed copies at

Look this really should be in stories so it disappears later but I have had so many DM's regarding yesterday's post on my thoughts on beauty over on @beauticate that I felt compelled to share the said tounge scraper! Pls excuse the bad flatlay, we are travelling and I had to use my hotel sheet and my travel mirrors! (For those here for interior loving don't be concerned, we will be back to regular non-👅related home-love programming tomorrow!) #theschoollovesbrisbane

When I was asked recently to be on a beauty website blog I was confused as I don't do makeup-makeup and I take 4-7 minutes to get ready, not including bracelet time. But I do spend every spare cent on nail polish, fragrance, body oils, rose water, massages and invisible lip balms. I have little care for what it looks like topically, more how it makes me FEEL, basically the notion of 'beauty' as a selfish resource rather than a improving / preservation activity. So I decided it would be great to be on their blog because how else can I tell people finally about things like my life-changing tongue scraper?! When you practice self-care over 'beauty' (such a ridiculous notion anyway) results will beat even my favourite glycolic peel. Because what they don't tell you is that happiness is the mystery ingredient needed to activate any beauty product. @hughstewartgallery portrait for Vogue Australia, because no one will make you look or feel better than Hugh can. Link to today's blog post on @beauticate. #👅

Barge life. Sydney winter.

Yes I do have a secret Pinterest folder of Marion Cotillard's most glorious looks. If you adore this ingénue as much as I do, tomorrow night I present 'La Vie En Rose' (she won Best Actress for her Edith) at @ourgoldenage, 8.30pm. And to anyone who might be thinking about coming to Paris in 2018 (sorry our plane is full for this year) your ticket is free, so come with! We can have french martinis together pre-show and treat it as a informal get together of like minded who might be thinking along the same thing ie 'could I spend 5 days with this woman in Paris!?' Interested parties, email me. #theschoollovesparis #linkinprofile to #5daysibheaven #marionappreciationsociety #🍸. If you have zero interest in my Paris Excursion but desperate for a mid week pick me up, book tickets over at @ourgoldenage because frankly life is to short not to see amazing often.

Bea didn't get the 'back to school' memo. When asked what in Kenneth Branagh's name was going on, no jokes, she replied 'I'm just fired up, ready to go'. #firedupreadytogo #firstdaybackofschool #theschoolofmuchadoaboutnothing #andeverything #morningqueens (we don't watch game of thrones, we just found this 'lattjo' costume in the IKEA sale bin on be weekend and it's been the best $14 ever spent).

Some Sundays are better than others. Is there anything better than love? Thanks J & L for asking me to do your wedding. It's was a lovefest indeed.

My mojo was mia until today when we attempted to photograph @joannafowles incredible indigo rocks! I have never seen or felt colour so real, dense and alive. Not washing my styling hand all weekend. Even their smell is other-worldly. #blueblueblue #howdeephowbluehowbeautiful #auroville #anotherdimensionsameworld

Like a perfect piece of music or beautiful plate of food is there anything more wonderful than a cracking fire? All 3 happening at my winter lodge tonight.

Just when you think everyone is in Mykonos, Nantucket or Sardinia, my work friend @owenphoto captures the luckiest winter holiday maker around... the Fijian surfer. #takemethere #totallygah #howdeephowbluehowbeautiful #bulabulabulaaaaaa

🍋🚪🌳... and the house with the biggest smile on its dial goes to Susan @amagazineau, from my book Things I Love, page 10 is the sweetspot.

When you come to Penmanship class at my school you will learn how to write your own child's name so beautifully that if she wants to open a bijoux brunch bake house, the logo and other assets are almost there! Beginners and Advanced Penmanship Classes by Martha's favourite pen, US based @maybelleimasa in Sydney and Melbourne soon. Link in profile. More on @theschoolinstagram #anologueiseverything #loopsandflorishes

Kitchen renovation, started January.... bless this mess alright.

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