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Megan Morton.  STYLING. STYLING. STYLING. And books. And rooms. And houses.

Shooting today at the glorious @sujanluxury with an Australian client, an incredible model from Serbia and all allstar Indian team with my jaw dragging on the floor. (more on my Instastories of the incredible Sujan Rajmahal hotel that despite its acres only 11 guests can stay at the one time). #ramram #itsbeautifulhere

With a backdrop of the Tiger Fort [#theschoollovesindia]

Surely paradise ? 🌿

The Government Maharaja Libraries hand written spines. (Some more on Instastories because it's white pen heaven with titles like 'Hindu Superiority', 'The Word Crisis', and 'Records of The Creation' and some authors written up as "by blah blah' and 'Sir Somebody'!) #theschoollovesindia

Sure it was two days ago but I am still reeling over the Pushkar rose farm.

Bundle pack. #theschoollovesindia

Caffe Palladio being so very beautiful once the sun goes down. To have the candle lit company of @rachelcastleandthings @the_bespokery @little_tienda and Courtney is also super special. #brightbrightlights

Don't worry I plan to cool it on the Pushkar pink petal posts soon. #theschoollovesindia #itsbeautifulhere #itsois #dsfloral more of the process on my Instastories for another 5 hours!

Yesterday we followed a day in the life of a Pushkar rose! Some things can't be fastened or short changed, and rose oil would have to be one of the most labour intensive and beautiful things in the world. More on Instastories. #theschoollovesindia #itsbeautifulhere

#theschoollovesindia and I love my Rose King Daddy Herman of Pushkar! #ido #itsbeautifulhere #itreallyis (thanks @diamonds_and_perleighs for the capture when Herman and I went next dimension) #dsfloral

How lucky we are to be the first guests at Anoop's exquisite tree top Secret Garden. So secret it has no address or handle even! A beautiful big grown up sister to his Dia and @innseventhheaven. #theschoollovesindia #itsbeautifulhere

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