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Megan Morton.  STYLING. STYLING. STYLING. And rooms. And houses. And books. And Paris & India Excursions. New book 'It's Beautiful Here' out now 👇🏽(and it so is!)

💃🏽👒🍍❤️📘over my #itsbeautifulherethebook release. Thankyou. My publisher got a letter from @henriettalucia and sent it on... "I’ve never done this, and I feel a bit silly, but I feel compelled to write to you about it. You have put together a book that so wholly captures how I feel about interiors and beautiful spaces that I can’t really express it. The feeling I felt reading the introduction – it was somewhere between a dopamine release and someone holding a mirror up to my brain. I locked myself in a spare office, called my mother, and read her that introduction twice. Half to see if I was losing my mind, but half because I know it’s how she feels about interiors as well. I wasn’t crazy. She felt it too, and has since bought her own copy because it’s not something I’m willing to share. Marie Hélène Gilly is a friend of my mothers, so I started there, but I’ve been dipping in and out in the week since I’ve owned it, and that book is now my happy place.
I guess, all I really want to say, is thank you for bringing this book into the world, so it can give me all the feelings". I want to kiss you right now Henriette. Want a dompamine release? Or a mirror to your brain?! ... Link in bio.

I had man-flu last week and spent days in bed with back to back Frankie & Grace, Ru Paul Drag Race, Cabana mag and the World Wide Web looking for my own furniture and folly, and for others. But nothing is as good as getting in a car and going into a shop in real life. I love shopping. I so love it. I loved being back in your store @elements_i_love #ijustlovetheshops #notsponsored . A reminder to me to get off the small screen and get back into the big 3 dimensional wide world, where the real action is.

3 big things happened this week. 1. roles got reversed and I sat for a portrait at home for @spacefurniture / @thedesignfiles by @_sirap_ / @evegwilson for 'a life individual' campaign. (I freaked out a bit; over propped, over flowered, then paired it all back. Here is Bea and I looking the right amount of awkward pre-shoot). 2. I achieved a long time goal of finding (and buying up enough for my lifetime) of the 1 colour pegs (washing / folding clothes is my therapy). 3. I do my first book signing for #itsbeautifulherethebook at Harry Hartog tomorrow, Westfield Bondi Junction. It's an ask-me-anything afternoon, you don't need to buy a book. (Sorry to the people I told it was Gary Hogwarts, please come to Harry's instead at 2.30 😂).

Yesterday! Oh Andrea! #ohyeah for @spacefurniture A Life Individual campaign. With @_sirap_ @evegwilson @thedesignfiles team in glorious Sydney.

When you choose people to work with always base your judgements on their footwear. Thanks @paulanthonywells for being an inspiration every step of the way. #paradise

The sign behind my head says 'blown, beautiful and dangerous' for my light but it could also apply to @aliciasciberras_ who bought the most incredible pot of oranges to my Mothers Day shoot with @jackgrayson for @trenery today. In a pot she made herself. Straight of the plane from Paris. #potoforanges #may14th #whosealuckymama?

I usually take the holiday as a great opp to get the big list out and bulldoze away. But this time I practiced my new theory of 'mindlessness' (no offence to its highly effective sister that is mindfulness!) and did the things I enjoy the most. Like spending an inordinate amount of time searching anything and everything 'Mario Bellini' on the internet; pretended I have a flower shop and designed its Autumn windows; listened to my own playlist for 3 days straight; double dated two brilliant books, watched films and created a second life on a closed Pinterest board on the premise I had won an imaginary million dollars and renovated my kitchen the way my head see it, not how my bank manager does! Was so good. Thankyou long weekend. Thankyou.

"The house decides, you reside". Glorious Virginia Gibbes (who is in her 90's thankyou very much) weekender makes up my mother/daughter genetic decor essay that starts on page 97 of my new book #itsbeautifulhere. See daughter @carolinegibbes sitting room 5 posts back, link to book itself (let's face it, its verging on sacrilege to crop this shot!) in profile or see some of its pages over at #itsbeautifulherethebook. Happy Easter, Bunnies! Pic by @jenah_piwanski

Good god can you see how the single bronze foot of @annacharlesworthmetal bench does the splits at the bottom?! (Praise be to you Don Mcqualter and Julie Meacham 🙏🏼). The beautiful story of Anna, husband Pete and designers Don and Julie who where friends before they were clients. "We knew Don and Julie had far better taste than us so we had no problem handing it all over!" laughs Anna when asked how it was to work with good friends. Link in profile to the book, I think you will love it too because the relationships and the people behind the spaces are just as important as the interiors themselves. And wait to you see Anna's bathroom. Don took his cues from an Indian train carriage and Anna made a side light that is so beautiful I went to the toilet six times during shoot just to stare at it. #itsbeautifulherethebook shot by @brookeholm for Its Beautlful Here published by @thamesandhudson

How to get a beautiful living room? Imagine your visitor walking in and thinking 'I want to sleep with the person who lives here', then act! More super helpful life/home hints and other nuggets over (link) where personalised and signed copies of #itsbeautifulherethebook await. @nikkitibbleswildatheart house that she shares with 5 rescue dogs is both cosy + smouldering! Pic by @brookeholm

@brookeholm thankyou (and your big bag of beautiful lenses) for capturing the quiet, the beautiful and the potent corners, spreads and slam dunk shots for #itsbeautifulherethebook. 🛁 goals here from the one and only @nikkitibbleswildatheart from page 121. Signed and personalised copies of my truly darling new book (with a Mothers Day offer that is totally👌🏼) is in my profile link. #bathroomgoals #itsbeautifulhere #itsois

Oh Patti! She put the L into legend tonight. I lost my mind when she said that she read in the Koran that all the answers to the universe sits in between the eyes of horses. Best post-concert quote belongs to @fake_candle with "I now know what's it's like to want to join a cult". Best night of the week / year / decade even because I got to take my own wild horse, Millicent Morton. #pattismithhorses #andtheIintoIcon #andtheGintoGodess

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