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Megan Morton.  STYLING. STYLING. STYLING. And books. And rooms. And classes @theschoolinstagram

Ready, set, pineapple! As summer seems to be packing itself up, my favourite outtake from last summer. (Campaign for @ecooutdoor 🌞🍍📙). #mmpineappleappreciation #dontgosummer

I am beside myself with excitement about giving my very first Science of Styling Masterclass for the year. If you have ever wanted to come, maybe this year is your year? And just like you don't need to open an Italian restaurant when you sign up for an Italian cooking class, you don't need to want to be a stylist to get the magic from this class. Although it has spawned many a stylists' career and reboots, it has also spawned just as many happy mantelpieces! This Saturday in Sydney (or again in June), May for Melbourne and Brisbane in July. (We can't offer anymore this year due to calendar conflicts but hope that by giving enough warning those who want it can make arrangements). Because it really is the best day ever and let's face it, styling is more important than ever. #themoreyouknowthelessyouneed #beautifulpicturesspeakvolumes #beforephotographythereistyling #stylingAgame #chasebeauty #stylingasanounandverb #leftandrightbrains
(Styling by me, @smartanson photography for @vogueliving).


I am in double heaven. Because @maybelleimasa is coming back to Australia and @theschoolinstagram has classes in Sydney and Melbourne in July/August that teaches her incredible penmanship and gives you an equally incredible home kit. #maybelleattheschool #hooray

Tonight I am a student at @theschoolinstagram / @alanawilsonstudio Ceramics Class. BLISS! #☁️9 #summerschool

I spent the day working on this beautiful house today and if all our stars line up @thebeetleshack will be having her evening bath here fireside real soon! #fireandwater #beforeandafter #concreteandstraw #housewhispering #justaddmodernitalianbathtub #andnikeltaps

One of my three loves. #sitonasundial

I wasn't going to post as my phone camera is broken, but then I thought I have to mark my favourite day of the whole year! Those of you who have been following here for a while might remember the tale of my fathers Valentine's Day habit of receiving / sending cards to strangers, which I did again this year and today on @theschoolinstagram we profiled 3 good loved men. All the commercialisation and hype aside, I still want to send everyone love, love, love, love, love. And another shot of marigold heads in a grey and bone two-toner bag. And love.

The new @franque11 salon brings me to my knees. Especially their beautifully dulled pewter curtains swathed around columns, the underside as heavenly as their topside. Franque is a total education. Art, soap and everything in between in a place so civilized one can only knee drop. #itsbeautifulhere #betterinrealthaninpictures

Leni and Steve got married last night. And it was heavenly. #groupsauna #lovelovelove #ohleni

Swap out Saturday tidying for flowering.