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Megan Morton.  Styling. And Interiors. And rooms. And houses. Paris/India/Japan & African trips. 4 beautiful books. Currently 🥐Paris for #theschoollovesparis

Always wear ribbon * lengths as a belt, because one day you will find yourself in the country teaching 20 young girls styling and you’ll be so happy you can make the ultimate reverse coronet bedhead with a bucket of foraged ivory rambling roses. Big thanks to the lovely girls and to Al, the week old baby lamb who stole the shoot show. #sleepinflowers #ribbonbelts #babylambs #allthegoodthings *striped navy / parchment french grosgrain 👌🏼

Hello beautiful, immaculate, charming country town, Texas Queensland. @tucoblackmore nailing the local look.

Such high-grade feelings for Sebastian Atticus Morton’s 18th birthday. 20th September, 2000. 🏄🏽‍♂️

Lookng forward to having my toes back in the marigolds soon. March 2019 is #theschoollovesindia only trip, or this November for a 4 person only Textile Immersion, details are in link. Come on, be our 4th person for Immersion!

the upside to jetlag

A woman sat on the steps of the Picasso Musuem’s grand staircase in a red shift dress and wept at sight / spirit of The Three Dancers. #inreallife #theschoollovesparis #parisbyproxy #redshiftdress

Nothing more fun than champagne in Champagne. @champagne_de_venoge

Dom Périgion’s own little abbey. He is buried just around the corner under a black marble slab at the nave of the alter. ‘i’l n’est Champagne, que de la Champagne’ #champagne #champagneaustralia


Interrupting Paris because there are 2 hens teeth-scarce spots at this weekends SPPW - style prac photography workshop with @sammcadam_cooper and former Food Ed of Gourmet Emma Knowles and I this Saturday in Sydney, and Melbourne in November. Link in profile. (Plus your 10 piece styling kit included)

Africola comes to @merciparis

Give me a M, give me an A, give me an R, T and an A! MARTA 🙌🏻 @marta_sala_editions . Because the #theschoollovesparis Excursion isont just to see things, it’s to meet women who have been blessed with a fair share of the extraordinary.

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