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Megan Costley  traveling central america 📍uvita, costa rica 🇨🇷 snapchat//megancostley plant-based 🌿🥒 email: costley.megan@gmail.com

you will find yourself in places that surprise you.
allow yourself to be taken by them,
the noise and the silence alike.
because it is only in the spaces,
in which you least expected to be,
that you will meet the sides of yourself.
which you least expected to find. -rose blacque
the beautiful words were written by @roseblaque

i feel these words deep within me.
they make my heart smile and my soul shine bright.
i made it to costa rica last night.
i was picked up at 7am in
san juan del sur,
i didn’t arrive to
san jose,
costa rica
until close to 8pm.
it was a long day.
but i am here.
i am ready.
for what is to come in these next few days.
i am ready for you.

traveling is the best education. you see the world through another lens. you realize your homeland isn’t the only reality. there are many. 🌎💗

i have now been traveling for almost three months.
a little over one month on my own.
there have been ups and downs.
highs and lows.
moments when i ask myself
what i am doing here?
and moments when it feels
just right.
where i know i belong exactly where i am at.
every moment while traveling is not perfect.
i guess it is in its own way.
because it exists.
and you learn from it.
but today,
i am having one of the days where i
question myself.
i have been loving every moment
while i have been here in
central america.
but i think i am ready to make one place
my home
i was living in guatemala so it was nice
to have a home base.
but jumping around from place to place
has been quite exhausting for me.
in mind, body and spirit.
i question what my next move should be.
and i know whatever life’s plan may be for me,
it will be just right.
kauai has been on my mind for months now.
i want my own treehouse with big open windows, my kitten, surrounded by lush greens.
close to the ocean so i can run on the beach in the early morning and see lots of rainbows.
to be able to cook. and eat fresh fruits and greens.
if it’s meant to happen, it will.
so we shall see.
ps. this sunset was perfection. i have never seen pinker skies before.

so what if you’re alone right now. embrace it. get to know yourself. nothing bad can come from riding whatever wave to self improvement you’re blessed with in the moment. 💙

i am alone.
in central america.
and it feels right.
so right.

take time to do what makes your soul happy. ✨ •
this has been my daily practice.
i feel like i always have followed in the footsteps of others.
since traveling alone,
i finally know what it feels like to make my own decision.
i have a voice for myself.
it’s always been a struggle for me to say what it is that i want.
i am a people pleaser.
i am indecisive.
i cannot make a decision if my life depended on it.
but that time shall pass now.
i am doing what it is that brings light into my life.
f i n a l l y.
i feel free.
i feel alive.
my soul feels happy.
#paulhewitt #ad

29. t h e. r i g h t. c h o i c e.

waking up for sunrise along the emerald coast
in nicaragua,
i have a place to myself.
i light my incense,
make myself some coffee,
while listening to lucy rose.
i decide it’s the perfect time to pick a 
rumi oracle card.
they are my favorite.
i decided i had to share today.
i alway read mine aloud to myself and set my intentions aloud as well.
today my intention was to guide me in the right direction.
to trust life that it’s taking me exactly where i belong.
to not allow fear to get in the way with my thoughts of 
being alone, 
financial worries,
and walking into the world unknown.

i usually do not shuffle the cards.
i just close my eyes and feel around til i choose one i feel connected to. 
and today, I picked one that i feel is so fitting to my current situation.
it's called 
the. right. choice.
it talks about letting go of plans, beliefs and decisions.
to let the heart wisdom silently broadcast its pure and true intention.
it will lead the way instead.
to not base my choices on the choices of others. 
and to dance in my own rhythm.
to trust that if i am being drawn away from a tantalizing sweet shop,
there is a more delicious array of confection just around the corner.

i am okay with being alone.
i will not stress about money.
i will walk happily into the world unknown.
let life guide you.
everything will be okay this way.

i am grateful.
for today.
for everyday.
for me.
for you.

here is the poem that started out my reading this morning:

stay close to those who know about the heart.
choose the shade of a tree 
that is in constant bloom.

don’t meander aimlessly
among the herb sellers and potion venders.
go directly to the shop 
that sells nothing but sweets!

don’t sit waiting by every boiling pot 
to have your plate filled!
not every boiling pot 
is cooking what you want.
not every sugar cane is filled with sugar. 
not every down has an up.
not every eyes has a vision.
not every sea contains pearls. -rumi

choose k i n d n e s s. and l a u g h often. 🙏🏼🇳🇮 •
lots of adventures for me in the past few days.
i am currently in beautiful guacalito, nicaragua staying in the most enchanting of resorts. It lays on 1560 hectors of land along the emerald coast.
cliffs. blue waters. palms.
i am surrounded by beauty.
this is now the 4th area i have visited while here in this country.
and by far, my favorite.
while visiting the isletas,
i met the most amazing frenchies.
such kind hearts and welcomed me with open arms.
we shared lots of laughs.
lots of music.
it was beautiful.
the next morning we all had breakfast together and they invited me to continue to travel along with them.
our next stop was ometepe.
an island filled with two volcanos.
pretty similar to lake atitlán.
it was a challenge getting there,
but in the end,
was so worth it.
thunder showers.
packed on a boat like sardines.
and jumping overboard.
we celebrated diane’s birthday,
the french goddess,
with a beautiful sunset,
cervezas and a homemade cake
shared with the locals.
it warmed my heart.
they practiced their english.
and i learned a bit of french.
was san juan del sur.
it was not my favorite because we experienced lots of drunk people. everywhere.
but we visited playa de coco and had a private beach to ourselves.
i am so grateful for adventuring nicaragua with these kind souls and cannot wait to see who i run across next.
p.s. i get to release sea turtles back into the wild today here at @mukulresort and cannot wait!
love & light ✨

just a reminder in case your mind is playing tricks on you today: you matter. you’re important. you’re loved. and your presence on this earth makes a difference. always. always. always. sending you love from beautiful nicaragua. 🌿🇳🇮 #vivaespino

to travel is to live. 🌿🇳🇮

here i am,
on an island in nicaragua.
isleta el espino.
this place is amazing.
a tiny speck of land surrounded by water.
filled with fruit trees,
mangos, dragon fruit, cocos, bananas, limes.
gardens with
so. much. green.
lilli pad.
little tree huts as homes.
and yoga, of course.
hammocks. books. solar panels.
i feel the love in the air here.
the people are friendly.
smiles constantly shining bright on their faces.
my room has the view of a volcano.
and a hammock that sits perfectly with a view.
i am excited to write here.
to read here.
and to focus on what brings light into my life.
this is the perfect place to do just that.
i am using binoculars in the photo but you can barely see them.

i believe that your dreams were given to you for a reason. and that encoded in your dreams are the seeds for its fulfillment. but you have to learn to trust life. you have to learn to let go of safety and not to surrender to fear.
you have to dare to dream. ✨

i left guatemala two days ago and
got to explore the city for a bit.
the sunset was perfect this night.
spent time with new friends,
took in the views
of this beautiful city.
just the way i wanted it to be.
i said my goodbyes to guatemala
i have now arrived to nicaragua.
the third country i have visited in centro america.
guatemala. el salvador. nicaragua.
this is my journey.
it has begun.
walking into the world unknown,
trusting my surroundings,
and me.
embracing each and every situation
i come across,
and constantly having an open mind.
an open heart.
this is it.
this is my dream.

who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. 🌿

today is my last day here at lake atitlán. it’s a bittersweet feeling for me. in the past month, what i thought would be, isn’t any longer. my life has completely flipped upside down in the most unexpected of ways. this past month has been one of the most difficult for me. i had to say goodbye to someone i love as well as to my little kitten i adopted from the tortilleria down the street from my home here in panajachel. i moved down to guatemala with the intention to travel south until i made it to patagonia.
i. have. no. plan.
it's amazing what traveling does to you when you do it alone. 
it completely pushes you out of your comfort zone.
it makes you feel alive.
for the past few weeks, i have spent my time with the most beautiful of strangers..who have now become family.
coming in from all different directions, our lives have intertwined perfectly.
starting from the woman’s retreat at isla verde, i met @saraland.9 who is one of the kindest souls i have ever come across. i invited her to stay with me in my home because i felt it was the best thing i could do while i was dealing with a breakup. 
she then introduced me to her friends visiting from california. orange county to be exact.
@alexandria.unfolding and @josiahcreates
the most beautiful couple.
the energy they exert from their souls is indescribable.
beauty at its finest.
cooking feasts during the super blue blood moon,
to wandering around the lake.
meditating for 11min + 11sec
and taking boat rides just to get the best bagels..
so many laughs, almost to the point of tears at times.
so many raw and real conversations. 
v u l n e r a b i l i t y.
to be able to express true, authentic emotion, unapologetically. 
i cannot wait to see what comes from this.
to witness the growth that comes within me.
to surround myself around beauty.
what a beautiful life we live.
you are love.
i am love.
we are love.
i shall see you beauties in costa rica.
i love you so much.

to be more of yourself and nothing more. 💗🌾

the only true safety is being willing to expand beyond our limits. 🦋

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