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megan costley  plant lover🌱 india in september🕌

words i’ve been living by lately:

life is an echo.
what you send out comes back.
what you sow you reap.
what you give you get.
what you see in others exists in you

lately, my days have been consumed with listening to podcasts, reading about the law of attraction and lots of self reflection. manifesting like crazy. my heart is open and my thoughts are shifting. being present and feeling full on the inside. it’s been tough because i’m being honest with myself about myself. that’s why i haven’t been present on social media. just giving myself my time and my love. it’s a good feeling.

hello instagram world,
i have been so busy.
my days and nights consisting of work and meeting new friends.
something i have noticed though,
is that i am not giving myself the time i have been craving.
i have been reading the book
by deepak chopra
and what i have gotten most from the book 
is to give yourself the time and space you need
to grow and to flow with all that is life.
a few days ago, 
i had this idea to give myself space away.
i looked online to rent an airbnb for the night and all i was finding were extremely overpriced places here in venice.
a day or two later,
i decided to check places again.
i had been envisioning a nice open space,
full of beautiful light, very clean and white with a beautiful garden.
so browsing a few days later,
i clicked on this spot of what looked perfect to what i wanted.
and saw that the place was originally $175 for the night 
but was discounted to $50 for the night.
in that exact moment, i booked the spot.
in about an hour from now,
i will be sitting in the beautiful space with myself.
no phone, no computer, no books, no friends, no music.
just me. 
in silence. digging deep within.
i think this is going to be one of the most challenging experiences i will ever purposely give to myself.
but i am ready.
to be pushed out of my comfort zone.
to be vulnerable with myself.
for growth. for silence. for pure love. and to breathe.
i will share my experience with you all in a few days.
love & light

m a n i f e s t, it’s real

a few months ago,
i had this realization i was ready to create a name for myself. 
i want to do something i am passionate about.
i want to work towards something.
something i will look back on and be so proud of.
knowing that anything is possible.
i decided on that day, i would do something about it. 
it's called manifestation.

i read @saltsandandsmoothies blog post called
(definitely recommend reading)
and i have been so inspired since. 
i created a vision board out of recycled magazines
i collected from random hair and nail salons all around venice.
writing down my manifestations. 
i have them written on my vision board, 
in my journal,
in my phone 
and re-read and say them aloud as much as i remember to throughout my day.
manifesting takes place the moment you believe the words you read and say.

life is so incredible. 
a few weeks back, 
i really was struggling deeply about being back in los angeles.
but i knew i had to change my mind set. 
i decided that i needed to stay positive and focus myself only looking forward.
i started cooking nourishing meals for body again.
i ordered a few new books to nourish my mind and my soul.
and things immediately started changing for me in the best way.
i wake up and i feel success. 
i re read over my manifestations and they are now turning into my reality.

today, i got my first social media marketing job
and i cannot wait to start. 
it’s crazy when you create a vision in your mind
long enough, it turns into your reality.
i am so excited and so grateful.
keep the manifestations coming.
life, you are doing me right and i thank you so much for this.

live kind
kind to the earth
kind to yourself

being an organic human in mailboooo with @karlycakesss 🦋

i n s e c u r i t i e s

i’ve always been so self conscious of my tummy. currently trying to overcome insecurity by showing it off to the world.
insecurities live in everyone.
whether it be the way you look, success, or just the constant struggle of what others think.
i have recently been owning up to what makes me insecure.
both body image and success.
and to be honest, i feel insecurities are all in your head.
the cure to all insecurities is self love.
so have that be your main focus and all will be okay.
i promise you.

@sav_cal and i decided today that we’re going to explore india together in september! traveling to india has been number one on my list for years now! i am so excited it’s finally happening 🕌 plz send recommendations


t h e . s u r r e n d e r . e x p e r i m e n t .
it’s so beautiful how life works.
the moment i try to figure out a plan for myself,
the moment i try to create control,
it’s get all mixed up in
the most perfect way.
my plan was to live on kauai for a
few months,
and continue on my travels.
i have now spent 10 days
here on kauai
and it has been so special.
the beauty that exists here is
i have explored the garden island.
mountains, cliffs and coasts.
sunshine and rainstorms.
it’s been amazing.
i have created connection.
with myself. with friends.
i am grateful.
i will forever remember this trip.
and hold it closely to my heart.
for always.

like wildflowers; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would

i went to malibu
with @karlycakesss
she is absolute magic.
we talked about the beauty of life,
inspiring each other to really push ourselves out of our comfort zones.
we ran around in the fields topless.
both creating and capturing special moments.
driving all through malibu canyon
i got to see parts of california i haven’t seen before.
i know there is so much to come from this.
it’s my favorite to hangout and get to know people who inspire me.
which has been much needed recently in my life.
getting to open up and be vulnerable is so necessary in life.
and she had open ears with a big, open heart.
so full of love.
i am so grateful for yesterday!
thank you, thank you

a ray of light illuminates any darkness

i lay here in washington
surrounded by nature,
everywhere i look i see
green green green.
lush greens, chilly days.
it took me back to this photo and
the wonderful day i had.
days before my birthday,
i went on a mini road trip with one of my good friends.
great music, lots of pics and amazing food.
camping and cruising down the california coast.
a moment i will forever hold close to my heart.
this photo also has me reflecting on this past year.
thinking of where i was at in my life that exact day to now.
it’s crazy it’s been less than a year and i feel so much inside of me has changed.
the growth within myself
but now i am ready to help in anyway with growth outside of me.
with love to both humans and nature.
trying to figure out what that might be.
but i am hoping i find some answers real soon.
i need to get back to where i trust life because when i did, it always gave me the exact answers i was looking for.
p.s. i miss u so fcking much, @sav_cal

we are all lost stars trying to light up the sky

it’s hard to say that life is not always good.
i was on a roll where everything was working perfectly. without even trying to make it be.
meeting incredible individuals, exploring new places and flowing through life.
lots of opportunities.
my life hasn’t consisted of that the past month or so which has been challenging to me.
it pretty much flip flopped where nothing was going right, feeling uninspired and extremely depressed.
feeling like i am stuck in one place
although i am not.
it’s crazy because i try to look at life in the most positive light that i can and it’s so challenging right now.
optimism has been my number one struggle lately.
not knowing what direction i want my life to go in,
realizing it’s time to figure out what i want.
so many insecurities coming to surface.
i haven’t felt inspired writing lately either. which is why i find myself actually sharing what it is that’s going on in my current life situation.
i guess i just need to remind myself that through ups and downs life is happening just the way it’s supposed to be.
positive light: i get to see my family in just a few short hours and i cannot wait!

i believe that your dreams were given to you for a. and that encoded in your dreams are the seeds for its fulfillment. but you have to learn to trust life. you have to learn to let go of safety and not to surrender to fear.
you have to dare to dream.
miss you, @zacharyleung

y o s e m i t e
one of my favorite places.
one of the best national parks in the u.s.
in my opinion.
i spent this past weekend in 
yosemite, ca
with @joellefriend
a friend i rarely get to see.
but when we do,
we laugh, talk about real life
and connect on so many different levels.
cuddling in our freezing cold tent 
and screaming and laughing together
when we see a mouse run under our bed
and spider crawling on on our bed
all at the same time.
lots of hugssss
@kalenemsley and @tommymillz are both so cool.
we literally explored all of yosemite valley together.
up for sunrise every morning 
taking in the beauty of this magical place.
long naps during the day
and hiking for sunset.
meeting new friends
@chrispoops and @mlbourne
up top at taft point.
shooting for @tentree
all around good week
good for my soul
good for new friendships
and good for these times where i find myself feeling sad.
i am grateful, so thank you

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