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Songwriters will usually sing a whole bunch of gibberish to find the right melodies. Then we take those melodies and replace the gibberish with actual words that make full sentences and hopefully make sense. Then we record the vocals, get frustrated that the song didn't come out like we hoped, re-record, re-make the instrumental, get the song mixed and mastered, put together a marketing plan, release the song, execute the marketing plan, and do it all again. By the end of the whole process we usually hate the song already because of how many times we had to listen to it. Haha. 😑 #musicproducer #songwriter

Any dancer that says they can't dance because they're not wearing the right shoes, the floor isn't made for dancing or they don't have their dancing clothes just stop right there. All a dancer needs is a soul clap and some energy. 👏🏼 Oh yea... I remixed @frenchmontana 's unforgettable and sat on the finished track for 3 weeks. Finally decided to upload it. 😎😎 #unforgettable

i can’t wait until we’re driving around listening to our own music. i can’t wait until we have our own studio away from our homes. i can’t wait until we’re just doing music all day every day. these were things that @omarkadir and i would tell each other constantly for over 10 years. we're very fortunate to say that we've done all of that. thanks brotha for never stopping and big ups to the team that helped put all the pieces together! @bigwali925 @m1promo @justvisionz @louiedafourth @narekambar @richardvalenciadp i can’t wait until we’re 90 years old looking back at what we did and saying “damn… i don’t regret one thing.” cheers to new partnerships, new opportunities, and the road ahead! #thirdnaturemusic

The "I'm about to drop the hottest mixtape of 2017" photo. Because I'm about to drop the hottest mixtape of 2017. J/k no I'm not. But @omarkadir has some amazing singles lined up cause we don't do anything else with our lives except sit in the studio and occasionally sleep. #musicproducer #thirdnaturemusic

the key things behind making dance videos are to find a creepy ass place to film it and to try to not to get mugged while you’re filming. oh yea… @bigvon and i teamed up to make the anthem. It's pretty awesome. #dubnation #wegonnabechampionship #dance @thirteenonetwentyone

The fam and I did tourist stuff yesterday. #bayarea

Playoff time!! Number 1 team in the league right here in the Bay! 106KMEL's very own @bigvon and myself teamed up and made the Dubs anthem. 😎 Hear it on KMEL, Oracle Arena, CSN, iTunes, and Apple Music! #dubnation #wegonnabechampionship

Phuket Thailand. This is the villa that we called home and also turned into a film set. Years ago @omarkadir and I shot our first music video to our first single called “I Need Her”. You’re not going to find it anywhere so don’t try and look. haha. We planned, filmed, and edited everything. We rented a Sony HD Camcorder, bought a bootleg version of Final Cut Studio, mapped out the whole storyline, spent two days filming, and a week editing the video.
We have always worn multiple hats throughout the years. If we needed something we would sit down and figure out how to do it. Nothing was ever out of reach. Website? No problem. We learned to code and create layouts. Mixing and Mastering? Sure. Let’s read some books, watch some videos, and spend hours with trial and error to get it done. Marketing? No idea. But we’ll figure it out.
We spent 10 days in Thailand with our team and a talented film crew. We hit 2 cities, shot 2 music videos, and created amazing memories. We’re very fortunate to have people in place who specialize in certain things. We no longer have to wear so many hats.
Big ups to @omarkadir and @bigwali925 for pushing to make this trip happen, @richardvalencia and the crew, @m1promo for being the one and only John Costen, and to the rest of the team. @louiedaforth @justvisionz @narekambar Thank you all for letting me be a part of a dope ass team. #thirdnature

10 days in Thailand with no piano or guitar and my fingers get antsy. Back home and back to work. #music #covers

I don't think I'm coming home. Bangkok has me now.#thailand

The crew that made the Catch Up video by @omarkadir a success. Everyone had an important role and they executed the job like no other. Great work! #thirdnature

@omarkadir this is the first visual we did where my only major task was to make sure that lunch was taken care of for the crew. 😎 Big ups to the amazing crew that really put in the work headed by @richardlvalencia , @blairkimchi for the great role work, and of course the third nature team that pushed to keep the ball rolling on this song @bigwali925 @m1promo @louiedafourth @justvisionz @narekambar 2.4M solid plays on Spotify. Great job guys. 👍🏼😁👍🏼 #catchup #omarkadir

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