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Excited for the 40 @emirates #B787-10 orders?? 😱✈️🇦🇪 #MegaAviation

Chilean Air Force EB-707 Condor AEW aircraft! Beauty or beast? You be the judge! 😳😂✈️ | #MegaAviation

💡 #MegaAviation | Aviation History :

Back in December 2012 An Air Contractors Airbus A300-B4 on behalf of EAT Leipzig on behalf of DHL, registration EI-EAC performing freight flight QY-6321 from Leipzig (Germany) to Bratislava (Slovakia) with 3 crew, landed on Bratislava's runway 22 at 05:25L (04:24Z) when after touch down and during roll out the nose gear collapsed.
______________________________________________________ The aircraft veered left off the runway and came to a stop on its main gear and nose about 1800 meters past the runway threshold with all gear on soft ground, no injuries occurred. The aircraft received damage to the nose gear, front section of the belly as well as both engines, which contacted soft ground.
©️Photographers: Niki Kapsamunov & Kral Michal

💡 #MegaAviation | Aviation History :

Back in November 1996 an Ethiopian airliner carrying 175 people was hijacked over East Africa on Saturday, then ran out of fuel and crashed into the sea just off a beach on the Comoro Islands, killing at least 58, officials here said. At least 54 people survived the crash of the plane, an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767, Ahmed Chanfi, deputy manager at Moroni's international airport, said.
Ethiopian Airlines put the death toll at 58, with at least 16 injured. ✈️🌊

Legendary photography of Sierra Charlie (in the front) infamous for the historical #Concorde crash, infrony of a former Swiss #B747 ! ✈️🇫🇷 #MegaAviation

Here is a reminder of why the big european plane manufacturer named it’s transporters “Belugas”! The new @Airbus beluga XL (A330-743L) have already joined the other whales in operations! ✈️🐳 #MegaAviation

A heavy McDonnell Douglas MD-11(F) - FedEx - Federal Express missed a turn during lineup onto 13L at Budapest Int. Airport back in October 2010! 😮✈️🇭🇺 | #MegaAviation

©️ Skyarts Aviation Photography

Throwback Thuesday: @united and @singaporeair @boeing 747s @sydneyairport back in 2009! #MegaAviation | 📸: N/A

Try guessing this airport! 😃✈️ Photo : @rtw_travelers | Psst.. two random right guesses win a 24h shoutout! 🤫 #MegaAviation

How do you like the @embraer E190-E2 profit hunter! 👍 or 👎? #MegaAviation
:: Photographer : @tjohanssonphoto

Can you guess this very specific aircraft being fueled in mid air by the @afboomoperator ? 😮😃✈️ #MegaAviation

It doesn’t take long before a whalebus #A380 is completely surrounded by ground crew and services after arrival! 😱✈️😃 #MegaAviation

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