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d_ronngren (Daniel)  Love playing boardgames, attend conventions and fares. I like all type of games but Area controls is One of my favorites. Linköping, Sweden 🇸🇪

Great Western Trail with expansion was the first game of yesterday's gameday. This game is so fun and there is so much interesting decisions to make. The expansion makes the game even better for me, more flexibility. #greatwesterntrail #railstothenorth

Best start of the week is to have a boardgame day 😀 what games do you want to play of these?

Oh how I have missed playing gloomhaven. It's such a good game and still so much fun. New camping with new ppl. I am rocking the cragheart 😀 #gloomhaven

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GIVEAWAY 8: Today's prize is Architects of the West Kingdom, Reykholt and Arboretum (Worldwide)

Tonight we played a game of architects of the west kingdom. I am so looking forward to the new paladins of the west kingdom. Are you a backer? #paladinsofthewestkingdom

Yesterday we played a new game called warpgate a 4x game. The turns were quick but still just the right amount of decisions to make. I thought it was fun but will not try to acquire it. You got the feel of an epic space exploration but in a short time. #warpgate

Wow, this is a really awesome #giveaway. So badly want to try this and regretting not backing this. Head over to #moregamesplease @moregamesplease for details.

I track all my plays and challenges via #bgstats app but sometimes you just need to have a bit Analog things in your life. This is the current challenge and the game meter is from @laseroxinserts, really love it!

A two player game of Sagrada with the new expansion. Havet played it in ages because of the new azul. It's was fun to play and the expansion added a bit more choices. Don't know what I feel about the expansion yet, it's was a good think that the base box could handle the expansion without any problem. #sagrada

Second time playing Village and first the with all the expansions. It's was really fun even though I lost horrible. Think this is a game that you have a lot of advantage if you have played it more. It's fun that "old" game still have lots to offer! #village

Wow even more Giveaways! It's like Christmast on the IG😍 Check out @boardgeekgirl for her #BoardGeekGirl10K. It's is a really fun game that I would like to have.

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