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d_ronngren (Daniel)  Love playing boardgames, attend conventions and fares. I like all type of games but Area controls is One of my favorites. Linköping, Sweden 🇸🇪

What better way to spend your day off with lots of boardgames :) played GWT, architects of the west kingdom and scythe fenris. I just love the new expansion to gwt, got so many more nice options. #greatwesterntrail

Another round of Forge War. It's for sure a longer game but the turn are quick and some actions can be done simultaneously. I have only played it in the Epic mode (longer). The game is all about resource management with a fantasy theme. #forgewar #isaacchildres #cephalofairgames

Last evening was my first time playing the kennerspiel des jahres of 2014, Istanbul. I can certainly see why it won. The game is fast and easy to lean but offer many diffrent path to victory and you have to come up with you own plan, can't really "copy" someone else strategy or if you do you have to make sure that you can do it faster and better. Looking forward to the next play of this game. (Had so much fun so forgot to take pictures) #istanbul #kennerspieldesjahres

Frist time for me playing #concept. It's was a hard and fun experience. Need to get better to know all the icons.

Check this cool ribbons out from
@yomamasotired! Which person in your group would have earned this fine ribbons? Tag a slow player, a person that never seems to win and one that dosent finnished last 😀

Architects of the west kingdom is both stunning and fun to play! I have a bit trouble finding the right way to win but it's always fun. Quick and fast turn keeps you engage in the game. Looking forward to the next game inte the series. #architectsofthewestkingdom

Dinosaur Island aka "jurassic park the game". I like the theme and it's fun create your own park. The game has some what of setup time but after that it playes smooth. Like the fact that you can adjust the goals the amount of time you have. 🦕 #dinosaurisland

Gugong made the table yesterday and today. I like the game play and the quality of the components are so amazing. It's a solid game that will for now have a place in my collection. Like that that the board is double sided for diffrent player counts. #gugong

First game of today was AquaSphere by Stefan Feldt. I don't normally like his game but this was quite fun! Don't know why it has so high weight on bgg 3.71. Sadly I didn't win :/ #aquasphere

Chronicles of crimes is so much! I only have one senario left of the base game then it's time for the noir expansion. The game is using new technology in the right amount. What is your favorite senario if you have played? Have you tried the new noir expansion? #chroniclesofcrime

We started off the game night with an EXIT game. And after that a quick game of #tsuro. After that I introduce #themind to the group and they love it :) we manages to compiled the game after a couple of tryes. First time that I finnished the game, yay! 😀🍾

Tonight game was Great western trail with the new expansion, Rails to the north. I must say I really like the new expansion lots of more interesting choices and path to get points. Probably will always do the expansion from now. Have you tried with the expansion? What was your reaction to it? #gwt #greatwesterntrail

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