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Meek Mill

I know these n#%gas plotting but I'm still smiling in they faces! 😁

Let's play 😁

HAPPY BDAY TO @iammilanrouge a real leader and dreamer that inspires me on a daily basis! SHES DIFFERENT... good heart and a true hustler! #taurusseason

Please don't judge us.... they dun killed our brothers..... we starved all them winters... they gone feel our summers!

If I could explain my life in 2017 πŸ€€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

N#%gas & bitches played me but ok now we over dat ... I'm like look at now 😁

When you sitting at the top and you think you seen it all .... caught up wit ya dreams wit nobody else to call ... that's the price of being great!

This is my mission for all the non believers that come from nothing...., @tevinfarmer22

We was in Miami first time I saw you ... I was in a phantom when I pulled up on you!

Wins & them losses turned us to bosses!

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