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Lelia Ramsey  Music & such.

Sweet old guy, brown, short coat.
Found on the corner of Roycroft & Blacow rd

Posted my phone number on flyers & on the neighborhood app but otherwise please dm me if you have any info or are the owner❤️ wanna get him back to his fam for the holidays

He’s in good hands!🐾

Today we celebrate you the way you deserve to be celebrated every day. I love you.



Max Frost| AWOLNATION| TØP |-/

10/21/18 (posted late) •Arctic Monkeys•

My record collection continues to blossom; as do we 🌱

Hardly•Strictly•Bluegrass 📀💖

Young The Giant - Safeway Open 2018
10•05•2018: an exact year from when we last saw them

As always, kick-ass🧡

R.O.S.E. Tour 10.01.18 🌹 •Thank you for cleansing my soul•

Posting this from a hotel lobby because my car is locked in a parking garage so we’re stranded but in other news... The Frights were dope

I dunno why the angels decided today was your day to join them. Rest easy, beautiful soul.

9.04.18 • The Thrill of it All Tour
Still so hard to believe I am so lucky to have seen one of my idols live. So much amazing energy, I will never forget this night. 💛

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