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Bandwagon Bitch  On tonight’s property update, does lil pump’s lean really cost more than your rent? As Melbourne property prices increase it’s seeming more likely

Ok so I know self love isn’t my brand but can we talk about how great my skin is, like acne?? Who is she

A wholesome meme to warm your heart, go follow this faggot @ieatrussianchildren


I hope this makes your day🐩

Tumblr I seek approval, I must gain followers for approval, tumblr give me approval 🎯🤹🏿‍♂️🏜🏜

Our true rulers shall rise🥖🥖🥟

Am I wearing the exact same outfit in my other post, pretty much but who cares the hardware store walks like Rihanna 🦑

Can someone please bring me a mountain dew freeze

I like smoking parsley, parsley makes me feel really dopey🌾🌾🌾🌚

I can’t wait to have the power of knitting, nah crusty ass dead meme

We love a happy family ☺️☺️😀👍

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