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Medicina | Medicine | Medical  We are doctors united by the same passion and love for medicine sharing the most unique medical cases. UNETE A NUESTRO GRUPO EN FACEBOOK👇👇👇


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Parece que alguien está interrumpiendo el examen. Sonríe y saluda///Looks like someone is interrupting to the examination.. Smile and wave 👋😀

Craneotomía post-mortem//Post-mortem craniotomy.
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So Lovely moment .....
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Always A Great Day/Night While Working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 🏥 Happy Prematurity Awareness Day🤰1 Out of 10 Babies Are Born Prematurely 😳 Im Currently In Year 5 of 6 Post-Graduate Training Years (Status Post Medical School) 👩🏻‍⚕️I was first attracted to this field when I took care of my first 24 weeker (Full Term 40wk - Born at 24weeks= 4 Month Early) during my second year of pediatric residency 👣 Being There From the Initial Prenatal Consult to Operating Room Resuscitation with Intubation and Her 4 Month NICU Stay Helped Cultivate This Love for Our Most Fragile Patients 😍 Love Having the Ability to Support Families and Babies During this Critical Time ❤️ Cheers to All the NICU Families 👼🏼👶🏻 You Continue To Give Back More Than I Could Ever Give 💕
By @doc_by_day
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Love in health and in sickness/Amor en la Salud y en la Enfermedad❤
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Doctors can stitch broken hearts too//¡Los doctores también pueden coser corazones rotos!

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An excellent Friend❤/Una excelente compañía 😍
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Big Family happiness X4️⃣
Brazil |
Credits: @4vidasnaminhavida
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Tu amig@ el primer día de Guardia en urgencias. ETIQUETAL@ 😂😂

Patient had an emergency ankle fracture dislocation reduction surgery.
Este paciente tuvo una cirugía de reducción de la dislocación por fractura de tobillo de emergencia.
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Su reacción cuando escucha por primera vez. 😍❤
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