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Steen  Shown not to scale. Bonds skin instantly.

#adventureharvey always uses proper eye protection when viewing the Corona during the #eclipse

#adventureharvey checks out the eclipse via telescope in Oregon

#latergram that I couldn't post before I got back because certain people would be concerned. Punching glass is so cathartic.

#latergram of Danes doing their American impressions. Requires sound. I told the Dj to tell them they were doing it exactly right. "Big compliment from American in cowboy hat!"

Rabbit of København

Looking good, Greenland

Fig 1: The place where The Art was. Fig 2: the place where The Art is now.

Org Chart

Well I'm sure this was an interesting story.

Our workshop has been dubbed The Soviet Embassy

Self portrait at 800 Kelvin

I was just given a hug.

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