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Steen  Word guy. Shown not to scale. Bonds skin instantly.

Every warning tells a story. Some more literally than others.

Happy #worldgothday. I just got called a Fashionista by this guy.

I make an occasional cheese dip (it me, Ignatius J. Reilly edition).

Him name is hopkin stone frog. P.S. I’ll find my frog.

What will Nixon do with life?

Take Shoes Off Before Opening

I was asked to be the official radiation monitor for William Vollmann’s talk. We averaged around 0.18 mSv over the course of the event. The thing’s constant chirping through the entirety of his reading made everyone glare at me being the constant reminder of how much they were being irradiated. I was proud to be Vollmann’s atomic sin-eater.

At @dnalounge we have all of your schedule needs covered.

The three genders.

No sunshine, only rain. No measuring, just a rising tension. No happiness, just destruction. #melancholymemetics

Shout out to this anon who, when asked to take a photo of our group with my phone, took the opportunity to drop me a selfie #opsec

Traditional Easter at #deathguild. Night of the Lepus highlights will be coming up later in our program.

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