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MEDHA SUDHEER  #bhavanite Most people ask me why I use 😂this one a lot? I just don't wanna cry over all the crap, Would like to SMILE even for little things😊

That's my fav part #pavizhamazhaye💕
Not everyone knows ur value,
So stay with people who worth it😊💯
So that's for u two 😁

Priyanu matram njan
@thevijayyesudas .
#songonrequest @mee_vivek_
Thnku for the suggestions @veal__deal
Its not perfect! Its a small try😊

Ne mukilo //uyare
*I seriously don't know why 2posts in a day !😂
Valaree cheriya oru try aanee!
This song 🔥🔥💞 @tovinothomas @par_vathy @asifali
@anarkalimarikar the whole team🔥🔥💖
Worth watching💯
#uyare❤️ @uyaremovie

A small try for this beautiful song ...

Song on request @__ardhra__ #sistah
For suggesting me this 😘😘 @abhijithmsekhar #mabrotherforlife Nee ee patt idaan dhairyam thanen❤️
Arrahman magic 🤩🤩🖤@arrahman
#kschithra #evergreen #bombay #lovedit #dontcheckonme #crazylooks
#eveningsbelike😍 #thrissurroundvibes
#loveuall #supportme #like4likes
@amritha_0307 chechi padunnath kett padichathaa ..
U nailed the song ❤️❤️😘

A true friend accepts who u are, but also helps u become who u should be @___shivani__mahesh___
There are friends, there is family, and there are friends that become family !!
Friends become our chosen family ... Mwuthzzzz .... happy bday diii 💞💞💞
I cant show u what u mean to me but u know it by urself !
The moment I am about to cry u notice it and more than anyone else comforts me... ur truly a luck for me .. cuz if there was no one like u for me i dont know what i would do... chelav marakkandaaa ... love u lotzz 😘

A small trial for this beautiful song
Forgive me for my flaws
Support and share if u like it 😊

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