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Me&Ro  Jewelry Designer NYC ⭐️ 28th year ❤️

Stunningly luscious white Gerber Daisies float atop of our ever morphing pond on Elizabeth Street. These beautiful flowers give us a sense that spring is right around the corner, and with it, new life and joy waiting to blossom.

We could all use a little more tolerance, patience and understanding.

Confucius said, “Kissing is like drinking seawater, as you drink your thirst increases.” Wisdom spiced with whimsy and affection tells us that love has no opposite. Kisses are our own clever invention, but love is a cosmic force shared in equal measure by all living things. Love is the substance of all feelings, sweet, sour, and salty. It’s all around us, the sea of love with its currents and gyres that push us in bewildering directions, secretly pull us together. So as you dine on sea salt covered chocolates - or whatever your fancy, embrace the whirlpool and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

One single monumental stone, immaculately sculpted and polished to perfection, hangs gently from our handmade chain of fine links crafted from recycled 10k gold, paced with gold beads. This teardrop stone swells with tension and tenacity, from the heart of the sea. Like treasure washed ashore, it rests with precious weight on the intimate shoreline of ones chest. A deep rosy red is revealed by the smooth liquid finish given to the gem. Surreal and luxurious, this stone symbolizes truth, loyalty, and honesty while boasting the highest clarity grade among colored gemstones.

At the Lakshmana Temple in India, ancient figures carved in sandstone, dance and pose draped in strands of beads. Their voluptuous forms mirror these strands of divine spheres as day dreams of mango’s and other offerings to the gods of fertility fill the shrines. Inspired by the prayer beads we found in India, this classic design has been a pillar of our brand for years. Now available in Turquoise, Onyx, lapis, and vintage ebony wood, we revel in the rich materiality of India that lives on so vividly in our memory of travels gone by. Cradled between two sterling silver flower caps, engraved lines trace style back to a time of spiritual and earthly bounty.

Handmade by powerful artisans in Nepal at the Kopila Valley Women’s Center, these one of a kind shawls are now available in new colors! A cozy cotton wool blend, they support local women at the center who are learning new skills, broadening their literacy, and being counseled through their empowerment. With their looms, and your help, this community is weaving a new social fabric, to alleviate poverty and find gender equality.
Through the grass roots dedication of founder Maggie Doyne, and support of the BlinkNow Foundation, this center has been an invaluable resource since 2013. For more information please visit:
@kopilavalleywomenscooperative @blinknoworg @maggiedoyne

The heart has long been used as a symbol of the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual core of a human being, and was once widely believed to be the seat of the human mind. This one of a kind 18K gold heart pendant might be a perfect gift for Mom this year. In reflection we find that the heart is not a seat, because her heart was the launching pad of her child’s mind. Her love made all the worlds’ grandest and most righteous ideas possible. Featuring an exquisite 1.46 carat opaque diamond accented with clouds of amber, gold veins, and glowing flecks, it is deeply complex, grounding yet expanding as her guidance from head and heart.

Like rivers run to the sea, it’s the season to let your love flow. Descending from the tiniest stream, with exquisite force, love shapes the terrain. Our pond of red roses rush into bloom for your true love, Elizabeth Street passers by, and the lovebirds who’ve yet to lock eyes across winding city streets.  #meandropond

Declare your love from the mountaintop, for the whole world to hear! These tiny playful studs entertain notions of passion and protest in the written word. The punctuation mark expresses our voice, enveloping the reader in our vibrant volume that pierces the ear in total silence. Quite literally piercing, these 18k gold stud earrings set with tiny jewels of blue sapphires or rubies are meant for those who have something to exclaim!

The colorful tones of these sapphires will speak to you with an intriguing whisper. A mix of bold and delicate hues exist like quiet moments when the world has no shadow and a unique light is diffused evenly on absolutely everything. Our sapphire necklaces vary from bright blue, to rusty orange, to pale pink and gray sky blue- their subtlety is that of an overcast day in the garden. An array of faceted sapphire teardrops graduate in size along an elegant 18k gold chain. These limited edition necklaces are an ideal opportunity to wear the world’s most illustrious stones in their lesser known tones.

Coconut Oil is an amazing moisturizer, hair de-frizzer, teeth whitener, makeup remover and so much more, but this little miracle oil has one sassy soul! One minute it’s hard like butter, the next flowing like water. That’s why with an unconditional love for coconut oil’s natural tendency to react to varying temperatures, Conscious Coconut supports its “mood swings”, with smart and safe packaging ready for travel! Created with love, this fabulous brand offers a pure product in packaging free of all artificial ingredients and they wouldn’t dream of touching an animal in the process! That’s why our skin and our suitcase loves Conscious Coconut Oil! 100% USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified™, Virgin, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil. @consciouscoconut

We, as humans love - it’s what we do. Whether our love is a whisper, a shout or left all over like tiny post it notes, we welcome it. We should live in a way that amplifies each other’s unique message of love. These 18K gold bands are engraved with Latin phrases that exemplify selfless love; giving, gratitude, strength, and being connected. The font on these rings have a special luminosity from its calligraphic edges that send out flares of light. These bands guide our hand and remind us to live by these principles.

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