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Me&Ro  Jewelry Designer NYC ⭐️ 27th Year .... Dance, Dance, Dance and wear a lot of jewelry ❤️ and we don’t make watches ...😋

Language can be a spiritual technology. Inscribing these cardinal intentions into small yet powerful 10K gold amulets connects us to a common vision. Cherished, they become an extension of our body, then of our mind, and finally to those we elevate with our energy. These handmade gold pendants are engraved with words such as “The Four Immeasurables” in Tibetan which are- Love, Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity. Another in the Chinese alphabet with Spirit, Destiny, Courage, and Revelation. These translations reveal their meanings to be so familiar, timeless and powerful.

Our pond is bursting with a surreal combination of roses and sculptural curly philodendron leaves. They dance around each other, rising above the surface reaching towards the sky signaling the rapid growth of spring.

We are enchanted by these stacking rings. Worn together in different combinations, they socialize like friends and strangers in a whirlwind of celebration. Laid back like a Moroccan lounge, textiles surround you, and the spicy-sweet scents of musk and sandalwood fill the air. These reflective brown diamonds conjure visions of a desert oasis, but this is no mirage! Our recycled 10K gold, has a hue that is less yellow than 18K gold, making it beautifully muted as if awash by the sands of time. Rosy nostalgic 10K gold is perfectly complimented by the cool sterling silver variation.

A pond in our New York City store, frames the window, bridging the gap between the tiny world we’ve created, and the big apple. Petals and grass float gently on the surface of the terrazzo waterway, finding stillness in one of the busiest of cities, and giving the passerby pause. As the Hudson River, and the East River flow vigorously around this small island, pouring out into the Atlantic, here we live; carving stones, creating gold curvatures and sculpting fine wire. These pieces of 18K jewelry celebrate Turquoise, the “Fallen Sky Stone”, believed for centuries to transcend the elements. It is the stone of sky, water, blessings, and good fortune.

Of all the women who guide us, inspire us, and teach us, Mom has a special way of outshining the rest. Whether near or far, she lives in our heart, on call to cast her rosy hue with every beat. We are never alone because we complete each other, and what an honor it is, what joy. Today we celebrate this magical and universal bond. Happy Mother’s Day from Me&Ro!

Our Mother's Day pond explores the maternal power of transformation. Like vibrant roses bisecting diverse leaves, motherhood is built like a damn in a river. Laying foundations with perseverance and pride, as a mother you take on the world, and have the unique ability to slow down the often overwhelming flow of life's current, turning great challenges into hidden gifts.

25% of all sales goes to @hiddenwaternyc today!

Choosing love has no limit, and no expiration in our lives. It’s the gift of all sentient beings, essentially derived from the Mother’s heart. Given in wholeness to her children, this heart is unmistakable and unbreakable. It is a love only she can know; what she gives she receives tenfold. There is always a reason to elevate a Mother’s heart, to lighten her step, to celebrate and surround her with tokens of affection and joy. Our recycled sterling silver double heart pendants hang together letting two hearts speak no matter where you both may be.

Meditation is a gift we give to ourselves, and it is one of the best forms of self-love around. Just Sit, a new guide book by Sukey and Elizabeth Novagratz may just be the book that gets you to meditate. Sukey and Elizabeth, are the cofounders of The Well Daily; Designer Robin Renzi knows @sukeymum as a board member of the Joyful Heart Foundation. She is a powerful and inspiring woman, and so is this book. It very clearly lays out how to “just sit”. The best ideas are always the simplest.

The beauty created by the slightest variation in nature mirror the subtleties of our taste, the smallest detail can spark our imagination. When something strikes a chord in our heart, decisions become easy, to recognize a fork in the road, where we once saw an endless highway. Our 18K gold diamond studs are each handmade and vary pair to pair. They ask for us to follow our gut, knowing whether to go big or stay small. They have a contemplative beauty, living in pierced ears, they become part of us, a light that never fades.

Our violet hydrangea mirror the vibrancy of New York City on a beautiful spring day such as this. Though they lie perfectly still in our flower pond, their intense hues seem to vibrate as the bay leaves surrounding them flutter with excitement.

Flowers for Mom that will last forever… Our silver flower pendants speak a language everyone can understand. They take inspiration from the universal symbolism behind flowers. These amulets are tender, receptive to all meanings the giver and the receiver project upon them. These tiny forms of sculpture are a seat for adoration, and a reminder to those we adore, of their life giving and loving presence. Maternal energy is like the bloom of a lotus flower, resilient and pure.

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