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Me&Ro  Jewelry Designer NYC ⭐️ 27th Year .... Dance, Dance, Dance and wear a lot of jewelry ❤️ and we don’t make watches ...😋

These natural Brazilian emeralds are like nothing we have ever seen. At 44.3 carats, these faceted stones embody the vastness and diversity of the Amazon. 18K recycled gold delicately wraps around these sizable gems, creating a fine gold outline, much like the rays lining the dense clouds in a tropical sun shower. These one of a kind earrings transport you to a towering jungle filled with nature’s bounty.

Towering above us, their posture tilted down to see our smiling faces, we are caught in their big brown eyes. Such a light absorbing chocolate hue is soft and endless. We wander aimless among these sunflowers, overtaken by their golden aura, gently obliterated by the flowers. Scattered like stepping stones in our pond, they start us down the path our curiosity craves. #meandropond

"I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings." - Mahatma Gandhi 1869-1948. Born in 1869, Gandhi inspired mankind and a movement, which matured 100 years later, in the 1969 summer of love. This pendant celebrates 60 years of the elegant symbol of peace and freedom designed by artist Gerald Holtom. Every decade new challenges arise to contradict our most vibrant possibility, yet every day we are given the choice of peace, it is our only true destiny. Peace with ourselves, peace with the earth, and peace with one another.

Our newest one of a kind Persian Turquoise earrings give new meaning to being worldly. The mesmerizing topography in these stones transport us and spark the imagination; each stone its own unique little world. These earrings give you a new perspective, as the stone recedes into the distance, becoming smaller and smaller and fades into the horizon, they connect with our body and hang elegantly from the ear merging mother earth, man and the sky. Turquoise is the sky stone opening us to a new possibilities, while still grounding us in an ever expanding world.

A parade of blushing roses and hydrangeas meet face to face with a room of cool and calm foliage. They pensively boarder each other, their difference breeds harmony and brings our attention to all the faces in the crowd. #meandropond

The lotus flower, Padma, represents the perfection of beauty. Out of the chaos at the bottom of a pond, the lotus travels quietly to the surface, transcending into our world. With its first breath it blooms in the cool morning dew, each delicate pink petal is demure yet defiant; it is a reminder that we all have the ability to rise above and overcome life’s difficulties.

Longing for one another, they spin around the sun, stealing tender glances through the stars. One is small but bustling with life, as the other rests in vast quietness, rather lonely. These two 18K gold bezel set oval rings explore emotional magnitude through these stones. Rhodochrosite carries one of the tenderest and loving energies; it soothes our mind and comforts our soul. The marvelous inclusions of Persian Turquoise create a magical mapping, while giving protection and grounding us.

On this most painful of days, we can never forget the power of love and the radiance of life.  #neverforget

Please If I may answer this ....I never get tired of creating and processing my ideas and making Jewerly. I always want more for myself and the endless inspiration of the materials (Mother Earths Gems), make it hard to stop. I do get tired of fighting for my business- It’s a never ending battle. There are many obstacles always. I applaud everyone and anyone who has the tenacity to create and maintain a business. Fighting the powers that be is so disappointing and disheartening but that’s what everyone of us has to do. Having said that is much harder to do if you are a woman. As James Brown says “This is a man's world but it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl” thank you James for telling it like it is... and thank you @charleslibin and @michele.frances for sending this to me and @newyorkermag ... it’s a good one 😉 #womenbusinessowners #jeweler #designerjewelry #meandrojewelry

Summers are like daisy chains. Some days ran off into the sunset, mysterious and fast, while some experiences bloomed quietly since spring, bringing gentle clarity. In our memory they are all linked hand in hand, their vibrancy giving shape to our futures. #meandropond

Like moonlight reflecting on a pond, rippled under the endless night sky, these stacks of paisley bands tower upward. Guided by the stars, ancients developed earthy patterns that traveled the world, and traveled through time. Interlocking floral motifs such as paisley are one of the great homages to nature’s completeness. These engraved sterling silver rings cast a luminescent glow with sparkly brown diamonds bursting in the center.

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