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Alex Torres  🍱 Meal Prep Mondays! 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 Dad to 4 super kids 🙆 Wifey @everydaysalads 🍠 Crohns, Vegetarian Life 8/1 🎥 The Meal Prep Show

When the yummy-ness is gone. 😣

Super yummy breakfast on the run this am. #mealprepmondays #mealprep #plantbased

The simpler, the better. Second meal before work. Sweet potatoes cooked in olive oil, salt, pepper. Two tostones and have an avo. Light enough for work. Enough fuel to keep you going. #mealprepmondays #mealprep #vegetarian #vegan #fuel #superyum

One cup of cooked quinoa, sauteed with garlic, kale and mushrooms. Berries and kiwi for sweetness. Dragon fruit smoothie made with hemp milk. #bomb #mealprepmondays #mealprep Container made by @bentgolunch

This past year has been my roughest yet. Over 8 ER visits, overnight stays in the hospital, over 7 exams that didn't find anything, and if this wasn't enough, excruciating gut wrenching pain that would put anyone to their knees but, I'm still grateful. Grateful that I'm alive. Grateful that my kids are healthy. Grateful to have a home, a car, clothes to wear, air to breath. Grateful that I have legs to walk on. Arms and hands to do everyday tasks. I know this disease can easily make you handicapped but there are other folks that are really handicapped and wish they had what I have and I take that into consideration everyday. Sometimes we take things for granted. Take a look at your life from a different perspective today. Be thankful. Say thank you. Be grateful. #thankyou #forallthatihave

When you don't make plans for your own life, life will just make it for you. Often times it's not the best route but we settle because it's all we know. Did you know you have the power to change your life like.......... right now? If you want to feel better, study health. If you want to be happier, study happiness. If you want to be more confident, be around it. Surround yourself with people or books that have the same vision as you and that will multiply your "discipline" ten fold. #decide #today #thereisnotomorrow #mealprepmondays

Check out my Instagram stories for this super quick meal. Turn on notifications and you won't miss it! #meatless #breakfast #vegeterian #mealprep

Finally got to try this BBQ #jackfruit. My wife Diana beat me to it and made this for tonight and can't even lie it was surprisingly good. Like, reallyyyyyy good. Tomorrow I will purchase more and work on a recipe. Make sure to follow my IG stories and/or turn on notifications. Thanks babe. @everydaysalads #mealprep #dinner #super #yum #plantbased

Keep up with my stories to see more! Turn on notifications too while youre at it 👌👌👌 #plantbased #allday #mealprepmondays

Win 2 brand new glass Bentgo containers by simply following @Bentgolunch as well as myself @mealprepmondays and tag 2 friends to this post. That’s it! Start tagging and we’ll pick a winner tomorrow 9pm EST. US ONLY. 18+ TO ENTER!
#Bentgo #mealprep #giveaway #lunch #health

Chipotle Avocado Rolls?! Video coming up shortly. #staytuned #giveawaycomingsoontoo

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