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I am so grateful to be able to #breastfeed this time round 🙏🏼 The first time with Raphael was too painful for me and I wasn’t mentally strong enough to keep going. All though a couple of mums told me “it only hurts for 2 weeks...” I myself couldn’t even last one week 😢 So when I found out I was pregnant with baby number two.. I knew that I was going to change my mind set and try again this time. Stay positive and trust the process 🙌🏼 Here I am today, breastfeeding 🤱🏻 and have lasted a week 🎉 woohoo! #postpartum #momlife

Raphael, my child, you grew up in the blink of an eye. 😢 I look at you with the same love in my eyes as the very first time I saw you. 😍 But I am amazed at how time has passed so quickly. It makes me smile to see you now, in the present as a big brother. I’m so proud to be your mama ❤️

This is what my 2 days #postpartum looks like. 😁 Messy hair 💁🏻‍♀️, big melons comes with sore nipples 🍉 , exhausted 😩 chapped lips 👄 and still looking 5 months pregnant. No one told me the postpartum pains after having your second baby was so intense. ‼️‼️ You think the labour pains go away, but it doesn’t. I constantly have extremely bad lower back pain because my ab muscles are really weak 😢 and contractions every time I breastfeed Sofia. The reason you get contractions afterwards is because when you’re feeding your baby, your body releases oxytocin which brings on contractions that help shrink your uterus back to its normal size. That’s why it’s so painful! 🤯 My midwife told me it gets worse every time you have another kid... so yeah.. just a heads up for you ladies who want more than one kid 😊❤️ #momlife #yougotthis

Welcome to the world ‘Sofia Rayne Verceles’ - 05/01/2019 🌸 Our blessing, our princess and our newest addition. Most of you know we thought we were having a boy for basically all of my pregnancy, so all our clothes are majority for boys. 🙊 To our surprise after giving birth in the shower, my partner @richardverceles noticed it wasn’t a boy but a girl. 🤯 It took us a while to think wether we would keep the name Rayne.. but we’ve decided to keep it as her middle name and give her “Sofia” as her first. 🌹 Why Sofia? Well, the first time I ever fell pregnant we said if it’s a girl she will be Sofia and if it’s a boy he will be Raphael. We thought why not use the same name we loved 4 years ago 🙊❤️ and that is how we came up with her name. Now time to fill out her Birth Certificate form ☺️ #babyno2 p.s I can’t wait to shop and buy her cute pretty little dresses and bows 🎀 This is still unreal that we now have a baby girl 😭 Blessings on blessings 🙏🏼

Couldn’t be more excited to see the bloody show today 💉 (*TMI* aka mucus plug) 😂 I messaged Richard, family and close friends that it may just be a few more days till Rayne is here 🙊 If you know, you know ;)

10 days till Rayne’s due date 🙊 I have been feeling so positive and ready for labour. I’m actually excited for labour this time round. ☺️ I’ve been practicing my breathing and practicing how to get myself into a peaceful state of mind for when the contractions start 🤗 When I’m on the toilet I am constantly checking to see if my mucus plug has fallen out (sorry TMI but being real with you guys) 😂 that’s just how ready I am to push this baby out 🤞What date do you think he’ll arrive? 8th? 10th? 14th? #38weeks #pregnantbelly

“black” has been my favourite colour to wear during this pregnancy 😎 sooo flattering 🤣 #37w4d #pregnantstyle #momlife #momsofinstagram

7 weeks vs. 37 weeks ❤️ Things I’ve been doing this week are: 👜 getting the hospital bags ready - 🎧 listening to Hypnobirthing soundtracks and birthing podcasts like @australianbirthstories - 🌬 practicing my breathing for when my contractions start - 🤰🏻and showing @richardverceles different birth positions I want to try this time, like squating or standing. 💁🏻‍♀️ I specifically told him I do not want to give birth laying down on the bed! As I was doing research, I found out that it’s actually the worst position to push out a baby 🤯‼️ Sooo... how’s your week going? 😂

Our 6th Christmas together 🎄 Can’t believe that next Christmas we will be celebrating as a family of four 🙊 We’d love to get Raphael in our photos too but he doesn’t stand still. We need to bribe him 😂 anyways, it’s looking like good weather to do the baby mama dance 😂😂🤙 #parentlife #merryxmas #pregnantbelly

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m #37weeks pregnant today 🎄🙏🏼 Let the celebrations begin! We’re ready when you are Rayne 🙊 #pregnantandperfect #momsofinstagram #merrychristmas

What a beautiful day ☀️ We we’re suppose to get our family Santa photos done but instead I had a long nap because I’m feeling exhausted 😴 #pregnantlife 🤰🏻 p.s I’m 37 weeks tomorrow 🎉

23 days till Rayne’s due date 🙊 Ahhh! I can’t wait to hold and sniff him 😂 Where my baby sniffers at? 🤪 #newbornsmell #36weeks #babymama

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