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Meaghan Jette Martin  Currently: Pretending to be other people on two continents. 🇺🇸+🇬🇧 (profile photo by Phil Sharp)

A pic from my wedding day holding a pic of my parents on their wedding day. 👰🤵Happy anniversary you two!!! I love and miss you loads. #meta #34yearsofmarriage #ithink #notactually100percentonthat

A little Monday throwback because I just realized this film, Dear Lemon Lima, was made almost ten years ago 😵. #fubar #lowqualityphotohighqualityfilm #babymeaghan

A picture of me in a Bath. #dadjoke

“A face I make a lot” captured by Oliver Higginson. #stilllife

#tbt missing viva Las Vegas 🎲#homemeansnevada

Don’t worry guys, I brought my reusable straw to happy hour 🌏👍 #imacoolmom #imnotamom #notcooleither

10/10 wives would recommend. 🙌 Happy birthday, ODGH. #sohappyyouwereborn

Fun little still from the Underexposed theatre production of ‘For the Love of Noodles’. Looking v frizzy haired and uneasy (channeling my inner Hermione Granger?) 👌 #oldredliontheatre #leviosanotleviosa

I look terrifying and Oli looks fab but I won the @otfaldgate ‘00’s costume contest and I’ve never achieved anything greater. #noughties #yesiworkedoutinthis

Went straight from making faces like this on the set of the short film “Unstable Bitches” to the Old Red Lion theatre for the second to last showing of our little play with Underexposed Theatre. #whoami #24601

Apparently there was a time in my life when I didn’t feel perpetually cold. ⛄️ #coldhearted

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