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ॐ Creator of #CrazySexyYoga ॐ  // yoga teacher // plant strong vegan // multi-passionate lady boss // world wandress // empowered by essential oils // crazysexyyoga@gmail.com

I’ve been laughing for about 4 hours now. It only gets funnier. I love this so much that I downloaded a repost app just so I could share it with you. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen on social media in all of 2017. Happy fucking new year everyone, 2017 can now happily end on this note. 🤪

Chris and Rishi post dance party in the kitchen with the best quotable moment from Chris in history “I’ve got moves like jagger...And I’ve got hips like Selina...I don’t know who Selina is, but she sounds like she’s got hips [insert ass slap in timing with the word hips]”. Lost my mind laughing. And this is just one reason why I love him so much. 😍😍😍

Super moon in Gemini ✨

Delve deep into your soul. Reflect. Heal. Cleanse. Renew.

The most beautiful view to wake up to - my amazing husband, my adorable little girl, and the most illuminating sunlight glowing in through the doors off the deck. ✨🙌🤗
#blessed #morningglow

Can’t sleep so I take pictures of Luna sleeping. Is that weird?

Little sneak peaks of our new home + puppy love ❤️

The best way to spend a Sunday. We started the day with a dance party in the kitchen and so much laughter, then had family from far over for lunch and a visit, now all snuggled on the couch with the fire warming us up and a book filling us up. Perfection.

So this is the cutest thing ever🙌

Building my relationship with my tarot deck...daily use, exploration, and a playful spirit!
Used my @the_wild_unknown deck and the material girl, mystical world card spread this morning by Lindsay Mack for @the_numinous this morning and gathered some pretty amazing inspiration and information.
It's time to see myself as the wildcat - to embrace her speed, grace, and abilities...super exciting card to have pulled today 🙌🐆✨

Because of the horseshit wizardry (last picture) you can find us here all day 💛💙🌈

"What is this horseshit wizardry?" - my love @rustywright8

Little miss sweet face fast asleep. Too cute for words so here is a string of emojis to express how my heart feels 🙈🤗☺️😴🙌🦄🐝🐬💫🌈🌷🎈🎁🎉💗💓💖💕💜💙💚💛❤️

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