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A simple broth infused nourish bowl loaded with organic veg, kimchi, flaxseeds and boiled eggs is my all time fave dinner. Can’t take credit for this one though ...#Repost @healthyhappymik
✨Good for your Gut Goodness Bowl ✨
As operation GUT HEALTH is in full swing and this bowl is full of anti inflammatory properties, probiotics protein and gut healing magic! •
@meadowmarrowbonebroth Lemon & Herb Bone Broth
Red onion
Baby spinach
Sweet potato
Bok choy
Poached chicken
Boiled egg

#guthealth #healthyliving #happyhealthy #goodnessbowl #paleo #healthyfood #nourishyourbody #kale #bonebroth

One of our favourite local health gurus @hola.health shares his digestion tips ⬇️ #repost
Following on from yesterday's post about alkalising, if you're looking for great health start with your gut health. It's one thing to eat healthy & another thing to be able to digest & absorb all the goodness in nutrients from what you're eating.
"Our gut microbiota contains tens of trillions of microorganisms, including at least 1000 different species of known bacteria with more than 3 million genes (150 times more than human genes)."
Some functions of gut microbiota are:
✔️It helps the body to digest certain foods that the stomach and small intestine have not been able to digest.
✔️It plays an important role in the immune system, performing a barrier effect.
✔️A healthy and balanced gut microbiota is key to ensuring proper digestive functioning.
Some simple things I do to improve my gut health is:
1. Drink bone broth. Bone broth is anti-inflammatory, gut healing & has immune boosting properties. It's also a great source of natural collagen, amino acids, glucosamine, essential fats & essential minerals. This stuff works wonders!
2. Eat sauerkraut.
The fermentation process increases the number of microorganisms dramatically, digesting the cabbage and other vegetables and producing lactic acid. This lactic acid works the same in a jar of fresh sauerkraut as it does in our large intestine; harmful bacteria cannot survive in the acidic environment.
Together with alkalising I find these 2 go hand in hand with each other. Happy tummy happy body happy you!😁💯
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Cauliflower Rice + Lemon & Herb Bone Broth is my all time #Repost @keto_u
Mushroom + bacon + blue cheese caulflowerisotto. This is a dish I have been missing however rice is something I’m not! The cauliflower actually adds flavour to this baby! I also added @meadowmarrowbonebroth to made it extra flavoursome and creamy!

A little ‘Digestion 101” with @iamstevecollins. ・・・
A little follow up from yesterday's Insta story.
When you are born, you enter into a contract, without your spoken or written consent.
The contract is an agreement with hundreds of billions of bacteria that live inside your gut and greater digestive system.
Your end of the bargain is to create a hospitable living environment for the bacteria. In return, the bacteria heighten your immune defences, help you digest food, protect your body from nasty things you might have swallowed and a host of other important functions.
When you are putting poor quality, board room (made up for profit) foods down your mouth 👄, you are not fulfilling your end of the bargain.
There are other contributing factors but poor quality food is on of the big ones.
There are some things you can do to turn it back around and start the healing process.
One thing you can do is drink some bone broth soup 🍜 on occasion.
I get @meadowmarrowbonebroth because I don't have to make it I just add hot water to a tablespoon of this.
I suffered with rubbish digestion for a couple of years and this combined with better stress management and sleep fixed the problem.
It's very hard to be changing the way your body looks when you have poor digestion.
It's too priority to get on top of it! Any questions ask below :)

A little bone broth love via @beauty_begins_in_the_belly
G U T H E A L T H ✨
If your gut doesn't work then your body can't process foods and assimilate nutrients. If you can't assimilate nutrients then your major functions in your body do not work
@meadowmarrowbonebroth bone broth is a must for me. I have this 2-3 times a day, always before breakfast and either before lunch or dinner. Since taking bone broth and including more nutrients and wholesome foods in my diet, including increasing the amount of pro and pre biotics I have both via food and supplements, I am feeling a lot better. *
*Some of the benefits of @meadowmarrowbonebroth bone broth are:
🍋Anti-inflammatory *
🍋Assists to heal the gut*
🍋Boosts the immune system (because a healthy gut = a healthy you) *
🍋Contains LOTS of amino acids (GOOD digestion starts with amino acids! Amino acids work to strengthen the immune system, detoxify unhealthy bacteria and tissue in the gut, and rebuild new gastrointestinal cells)*
🍋Natural collagen (supports your gut walls)*
🍋Glucosamine (amazing for gut health as it helps form connective tissue that make up parts of the digestive tract, a system that helps the immune system function) * AND SO MUCH MORE! *
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Tonight’s fresh dinner inspo via the lovely @nutritionbyginarose. ・・・
Foodie Friday 🌱
This is #notsponsered just another fabulous product that I am absolutely loving!
It is @meadowmarrowbonebroth
I have been making delicious meals with this product, experimenting with curries, pies, slow cook & this lemon, herb & coconut chicken.
Meadow & Marrow uses a unique process to create nutrient dense, convenient and delicious bone broths. Each jar contains only the thick, concentrated broth drawn out of the cooking process, with some added herbs and spices, and naturally evaporated sea salt for preservation. No water, no fillers or thickeners, not dehydrated.
To make this dish I simply heated a can of organic coconut cream, added 2 tablespoons of the lemon & herb bone broth concentrate. Once simmering I add diced organic chicken thigh, veggies & rice. One pot, easy peasy & so nutritious 🍛
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So we pretty much copied this dinner tonight.. all the way down to the awesome @hilbilbyculturedfood FIRE TONIC. Thanks for the inspo @pennysbenjamin - I legit had no idea what to make tonight xx ・・・
This warm weather means all I want to eat is SALAD! 🥗
Hence this plant-based, delish salad for lunch today. Included:
Rocket, lettuce, Tuscan kale
Grated carrot, tomato, red capsicum
Cucumber, roast beetroot, @hilbilbyculturedfood fire tonic and nori 🥑 healthy fats from avocado and EVOO
Complex carbs and protein from some millet cooked in @meadowmarrowbonebroth curry bone broth (trying millet for the first time, doesn't go too badly!) and a side of seed bread with homemade sibo-friendly pâté
Seed bread and pâté recipes are on the website just use the search function and you're set!

Keeping good company with @livelovenourishaus and @wellbeing_magazine. PS Nice work Casey-Lee! Congrats x
Snacking on @earthsbountyhealthyfoods activated nut & seed mix, sipping on @meadowmarrowbonebroth & reading the latest @wellbeing_magazine. Pretty happy to have two of my recipes featured inside along with superstars like @wellnourished @foodtonourish @raquelneofit @lisaguy_artofhealing @mywholefoodromance 🙌🏻💕
It's such a lovely feeling to see your recipes published in print. I remember being about ten years old and wishing I could write recipes. My other dream was to cook on TV lol 🙈 🤔
#eatwelllivewell #wellbeing #nutritionist #realfood #wholefood #jerf #healthyrecipes #livelovenourish

Sunday, I'm a fan ❤️

The dinner I WISH I was having tonight. #Repost @georgiestevenson
Good food = good mood 😍 The role gut health plays in overall health & mood is next to none (I've found this out the hard way 😫) This year I've been making a huge effort to focus on my gut health & have been feeling the difference 😇 In my lastest vlog I whipped up this meal & sautéed the veggies in @meadowmarrowbonebroth lemon & herb broth concentrate! So yummy & so good for gut health 🙌🏼 if your not on the broth train you need to get into it 🚂 Recipe - link in bio 🍴

So the results are in ladies and gentlemen. Thanks to your votes our baby come in with a bronze medal, securing 3rd place in the Best New Brand Category in the 4th Annual Nutrition Warehouse Supplement Awards! #yeee
Congratulations to all other winners and nominees with a special shout out to @switch_nutrition for taking out the silver medal.. Sunny QLD is producing the goods! Well done guys 🙌🏽
And of course a massive thank to Grant and the @nutritionwarehouse team for both hosting the awards and giving all our awesome supporters 15% off our products both online and instore for the next two days #legends

Well what a fun few days we had last week! A massive thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for us in the Nutrition Warehouse Supplement Awards and also for all the awesome testimonials and messages of encouragement - seriously made our day reading them! .
As far as we know Nutrition Warehouse have not yet released the results so all our fingers and toes are still crossed for a win! To be honest though we're already feeling like winners, still so humbled by the support our little Australian start up received, in a market dominated by (mostly) artificial supplements. SOOOOO COOL GUYS! .
But while on the subject of WINNING - we have drawn a name for our GIVEAWAY below - congratulations @angelabeechey! You are our Instagram winner & have scored a 3 month supply of broth! .
It's always so hard drawing just one name as we always want EVERYONE to win. So for those that missed out this time around please stay tuned as there just might be further giveaways later this week after the NW announcement .
#suppawards17 #meadowandmarrow

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