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Meadow Walker Fan Page  Follow for many pics of Meadow! ✨ Meadow liked x45 commented x3 DM x17 ❤ We love you angel 💕 Her official account is @meadowwalker xx

throwback to when @meadowwalker visited India while I was literally right below her visiting Sri Lanka!! probs the closest I’ve been to her hahaha 😂 I absolutely lovee this pic of her so much! She genuinely looks so happy and her smile is just so infectious ♥️ Even after all these years, she’s still my most favourite person ever and always will be hehe ✨♥️
hope you’re doing well lovely!! always here for a chat! xx

hey hi hello 😛 im so sorry for being so inactive on this account! even tho it’s been the holidays I’ve just been so busy! Im writing this whilst I’m at the Singapore airport hahaha 😂 I feel like I have so much to update you guys on but I will soon once I’m back home🥰 thank you for being so patient with me btw, I don’t want anyone to think that I’ve just given up on this account just because I don’t post as often!! This account still holds such a special place in my heart 😇 i hope everyone is having a great day ♥️ I love you guys! And I hope you are doing well too lovely @meadowwalker !! 🤗♥️

she is just so unbelievably naturally flawless ♥️ @meadowwalker 📸: @james.tinnelly

Ahhh the #iampaulwalker documentary was so incredible to watch! It was truly just so amazing and beautiful and well thought out and put together. I loved every single minute of it!! I can’t imagine how lovely it would have been to have known Paul personally, because from what I’ve seen he just seems to have the most down to earth, humble, kind, caring, generous and giving soul ♥️ and I see those traits in meadow aswell ♥️ his legacy will forever continue on and he will continue to radiate light on the people that loved him the most and he will keep on inspiring so many people to continue to do good!!!💙 love you so much lovely @meadowwalker 💕💕

Hi everyone! 💕 i have been feeling pretty rough for these past few days and I just wanted to say i seriously love coming on this account, it just helps me to escape from my world for a while which I really do need right now 😊
Some days are just simply tougher than others, but the important thing is to realise that you just have to be strong, and that’s one thing this lovely @meadowwalker helped me become better at 😇, and not let those days beat you up, and to rather focus on the things that make you smile and the things that you should be grateful for😇

Love you all 😘
Hope you’re all doing well, if not, dw you’re not alone 😊 be strong and just hang in there ♥️ time will heal and things will get better!! 😊

did a little sparkly edit on this gorgeous pic of @meadowwalker 😇✨ annnd I’m jumping on here just to let you know that I’m starting my exams tomorrow!! won’t be active as much for these weeks 😇 I always feel super nervous before an exam ahah it’s a horrible feeling but I’m excited to have them over and done with!! anyone else having exams too? 😊

happy world ocean day 🌏🌊💙 we should all help to protect our dearest oceans. Love and appreciate them. They’re critical to our own survival. #worldoceanday
also excuse the late post, however world ocean day should be everyday 😇 @oceana @lonelywhale @montereybayaquarium @paulwalkerfdn @paulwalker @meadowwalker @meadwalker

Almost 5 years on and I still think about him everyday and miss him more than ever. death is inevitable. but just horrible when you don’t expect it at all. And no matter how good of a person they were on earth, everyone’s time runs out and some people’s time runs out quicker than others. It’s important to realise all the good things he did with the time he had and how happy he made a lot of people feel. The joy he brought to so many of us is something most people won’t even be able to do in their whole lifetime. And for that, we can never thank him enough ❤️ Paul, thank you for everything you have done here on earth, we all miss you dearly 🌏♥️

Happy birthday to this lovely @beingmeadowwalker !! 😇💕💞 I hope you have such an amazing day and get absolutely spoilt!! I’m so lucky to have met you because you’re one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met!! you’re such a loyal fan of @meadowwalker and you’re just always there for not only meadow but for us aswell and I can’t thank you enough for that ♥️ love you and @meadwalker98 so incredibly much 💫 I hope one day I get the chance to come to Russia and see you! 😇xx

“true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul” ~ Audrey Hepburn
and that is why she is so beautiful to me ✨♥️ she has the most strongest, unique, kindest, most genuine, caring and down to earth soul.
You have inspired me so much to be the best version I can be of myself. To be kind to everyone, to be strong no matter how difficult the situation may be and to always remain humble no matter what and to always help and care for others when it’s needed. ♥️ @meadowwalker ♥️ I can’t thank you enough for how much light you’ve brought into my life and how happy you’ve truly made me. I just hope that one day I will get the chance to meet you and tell you everything I’ve ever wanted to tell you in person ♥️😊 You will always hold a special place in my heart ♥️

wonder woman/superwoman vibes 😊⚡️👸🏻 @meadowwalker // 2018 // @womenmanagementny 📷: @james.tinnelly

hey everyone ❤️ so I know it’s been quite a while since I last posted, I’m so sorry if I let any of you down but I was just not in the right mindset to continue posting on this account like I used to.
I love meadow. I still do. But to be honest, I’ve lost all motivation to keep this account going. And I know I have a huge following and I honestly really don’t know what to do.
I just feel like most of what I post goes unnoticed by her now and it’s just not like how it used to be anymore ☹️ i always wished I could have had a real proper conversation with her on dm about just literally anything coz I know we would have gotten along so well 😌 maybe that might have kept me motivated to keep this account going because then I’d know that she loves us posting stuff appreciating her but at this point I’m starting to feel like a nuisance to her and this feeling really does suck 😭
I really am thankful for all the times that she has actually noticed me and I’d never take it for granted and I’m still thankful to this day.

I will always love her and will always be a fan of her but I’m not too sure about this fan page anymore 😔
thank you to everyone that still showed so much love and support on this account

I really do appreciate each and everyone of you ❤️ I’m still yet to figure out what to do with this account 🙃@meadowwalker

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