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“Look for the opening” - new lessons and action item from my friend Tara. We won’t always have the answers and we don’t always have to. But we can stay present and trust ourselves enough to take the very next opportunity that presents itself to us. Keep the longview in mind while remembering that life will unexpectedly twist and turn - those spontaneous openings are part of the ride.

My only deliverables these days have been sleep 😴, sun, and more sun ☀️ ☀️. I don’t think I realized just how much healing I needed until my wild world of client meetings, decks and spread sheets, and performance reviews grew quiet. The last three months have been a challenging time of reflection on who I am. After listening to Erwin McManus’ “Why Jesus” sermon I’m confronted with the many ways I’ve felt (doesn’t mean I AM as I remind myself) invisible/forgotten and the biggest question of my life (AGAIN) - why? Why am I doing what I’m doing? Why am I here (existence and location)? I’m curious if anyone wouldn’t mind sharing with me (publicly or privately) 1️⃣ when they feel most seen or how they combat the unnerving sense of invisibility and 2️⃣ their why. I am finding these two connected - a missing/incomplete why (even if it’s just a tentative inkling) has made me more susceptible to leaning too heavily on others to affirm my existence (and when they don’t, or more accurately can’t, I’m left feeling invisible and 💥 - in creeps anxiety and depression). Anyway. Very long. In short, I’m looking for inspiration and am deeply appreciative of anything you feel comfortable sharing (your answers, ideas, resources, strategies, etc). Thank you so much!!

003 - she’s a bomba 💣 this one. I appreciate her cause she schemes with me 😏😏

002 - if you can believe it, I got proposed to twice this morning. She facilitated one of them because she is a terrible guarda costa 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

001 - We did not take full body pictures (as such my lovely NYE romper is making a repeat appearance soon) so please accept this series of me and @cpatricia70 ‘s various selfies this morning around 10am after so many hours of being awake and celebrating 🥳

Ya girl caught some sun and sure hope you noticed? #unfiltered #butglorious #caboverde🇨🇻

🎄 merry merry!

things aren’t going as planned but at least they’re going. Currently moving in the caminh of (to borrow from every single tourist shop) “nó stress” 🔆

I landed on Boa Vista island safely but with no WiFi so idk when I can responsibly kick off my new project @EyesofAnahory (My bank account may regret this post later). Check my stories to hear a little more about how I’ll be doing #storytelling around #CaboVerde 🇨🇻 the next four weeks and beyond. And if you love me, pray for my creativity and if you minimally support me, I’d love your help getting to 100 followers so I can get these IG insights 🙃 🤗

Tica made his IG stories debut but you can skip the LitBK candle unboxing (can you tell I’m not an early adopter?) and see his playfulness right here 💥

Thanksgiving filters for the children.

Knew we made a good choice. Got the news my room replacement wants to split Hulu so now the three of us save $3/mth each and I still get to stream the #RBG documentary. Left three weeks ago but i still miss you women. Thank you for helping me close out New York with an #anastasiabroadway show preceded by tequila and coffee.

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