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Moe D Flood | محمد دونالد فلود  📊| E-commerce 🌎| Ćest la vie - عِش حياتك 🇺🇸🇸🇦 🎥| Youtuber 👇🏻 Last video:


In #London making moves. Content coming your way soon. 📽

I’m taking my camera places. Going to London next week! Where should I fly next? 🚕✈️ #g7x #youtube

I make moves! Just watch me change the game up. 😎

E X P L O R E - Cairo, Egypt. استكشف وغامر وربي محا تندم. القاهره، مصر. 💼🌏✈️

“FEAR” has two meanings!! Forgot everything and run. Or face everything and rise. The choice is simply yours. #كبده_عالصاج And by the way the @houstondynamo are killing it 🔥 on a side not: check out @samir.chibane, the dude is killing it right now 😎.

It amazes me how some are simply satisfied by how life controls their daily choices !! We all got the same 24/7.. Have a a short-term vision. And don’t give me that crap of “oh I’m poor and he’s rich”. Or “bro you have time and I don’t”. Please, pick something you like or enjoy and give it your 100%. You will be amazed of how crazy it will drive you to do better things for yourself and others. 2018 is 52 days away; that’s just crazy.. what have you done this year? Ha!! What have you done that will impact your future? For most of y’all the answer is nothing. This is not one of those posts where I’m asking you to pick a day and start changing 🙄 rather look at yourself, see where you stand and what do you want to be in the future!! Hopefully this helps, if you have any questions please feel free to DM me.
Later fam
استغرب من البعض!! كيف تخلي يومك يسيطر عليك!! كل منا له ٢٤ ساعه في اليوم..الفرق بينك وبين الشخص الناجح انه استخدم ساعاته صح. خلي عندك رؤية او هدف حتى لو صغير. 2018 بعد 52 يوم.. راجع نفسك وشوف ايش سويت في 2017 الي حيقربك لتحقيق هدفك؟؟ ها !! الجواب عند أكثركم حيكون ولا شي.. او ببساطه لسه ما عندي هدف!! البدايه اصعب خطوه.. اول ما تصير تشوف انه حققت ولو شي بسيط من الي ناوي تحققه تلاقي عزيمتك صارت أقوى.. وطموحك زاد.. وصار عندك اكثر من شي ناوي تحققه.. ابحث.. شوف ايش يلهمك او يسعدك وأبدا ببساطه ومع الوقت حتصير وحتعمل أشياء انته نفسك ما تتوقعها.. دمتم،

#TBT (2010) We had that focus on lock. Fast forward 7 years later we making it happen 🔥#SKZ @moetherealness

I’m starting to attract the exact type of people I want around me: creative minds with amazing commitments to their dreams. #teamhustle #setgoals #TeamSKZ

2 posts on the same day whyyaaat. 325 baby. Juicy thick rubber about to be under a 6.4 beast. 🔥🇺🇸🐌🏎💣.

A fact: I train my calves even when I’m asleep. #Nolegdayisbs Swipe ➡️➡️ to see that scorpion shot. That’s Swaaaaaz according to the @thef2 🔥

Bulk Life is all about 🍕. Macros are 3200!! Yeah I know waaat. 200 P, 60 F, 255 C. It’s all about IIFYM. 😋 what’s your favorite split? 💪🏻

Out in the wild 🦂

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