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mdpNY | Matt Powell  Dormant feed. One day I may pick it back up, but for now enjoy the archive. It was made with love. xoxo -m

What is one thing you choose to leave behind in 2016? I'll start the list: I choose to leave behind misplaced focus

As the sun sets on this journey I leave with the sense of peace found through time with family, old friends and time communing with nature. As I'm waiting to board my flight home, I'm looking forward to watching the sun rise over New York in the morning, seeing the city and my existence in it through clear eyes and with an open heart. Goodnight my friends, dream well

At the end of these trips home I always feel like I leave with much more than I came with. The thing I have gained most from this journey is awareness. Awareness of the fact that life lived in the fast lane 24/7 isn’t really living, it can be avoidance. Awareness that slowness and quietude are required in order to surrender my mind to my inner guide. Awareness of the importance of nurturing my deepest roots. Grounding. Balancing. Letting the light shine into the dark half… and appreciating that the dark half both exists and serves a purpose. I feel as though the year ahead has so many unknowns, but will do my best to show up fully to it, the light and the dark halfs—and the myriad shades of grey in between.

I believe the curved road always rights itself. Just have to take extra care while in the curves and trust that the road is going exactly where it's meant to. Good morning from Utah my friends. Have a wonderful day

It was bittersweet leaving Idaho today and beginning my journey home. I was struck by this rural moment and realized that this was exactly what time spent with close family is: the fuel that powers you for the road ahead. Wherever you travel or reside, returning to your roots gives you the foundation to rise. While there is so much uncertainty in our world for the year ahead, I'm grateful to have been able to spend this time to spiritually prepare.

A lot can be learned from the old weathered fences of Idaho. Sometimes the barbs no longer serve a purpose.

Could not be more opposite than NYC :)

There is nothing like moments in nature to put things in perspective. Majestic Rockies make all else feel small. Grateful to have grown up in such a beautiful place.

Sunset in Idaho, seeking out warm light at 14F degrees

Nothing is insurmountable, if you have the courage to do so.

On the shortest day of the year, a thought toward lighter days...and a bridge to get us there.

My last sleep in NYC, dreaming of being home falling asleep in the west tomorrow night. Goodnight and dream well. And SLC peeps, if anyone wants to play this weekend, drop me a DM

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