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mdpNY | Matt Powell  I am a great many things. First and foremost, a spirit having a human experience. I write about it here.

Teton mornings :)

As someone who has always had an active mind and thus drawn to the 'buzz' of the big city--and who relies on mindfulness practices to navigate both of those--I'd never really put it together that my dad was the first one to teach me the power of meditation, although I don't know that he ever really saw it as such. When I was a kid, Tuesday nights were fishing night. My dad would pack me and my brother, or eventually both brothers once there were two, into the front seat of his yellow GMC pickup, and off to Blacktail reservoir we would go. The time was usually spent in near silence, quietly enjoying the beauty of nature, and the simple company of one another in a way that didn't need words. He offered guidance on how to correctly cast a line, tend it, and reel it in. Sometimes we left with a bunch of Rainbow Trout, sometimes only with the simple memory of this quiet bonding. I returned to this spot yesterday for the first time in two decades. Spent some time in 'meditation' as I practice it now, but realized that it was a practice that I was taught in childhood, my mind was then just too young and noisy to listen.

Yesterday as I made the 200mile drive up I-15 from Salt Lake City to my hometown of Idaho Falls, a drive I've made hundreds of times in the last 25 years, I was faced with a number of large billboards announcing "Idaho is under construction, expect delays on I-15", and I realized that my home state, like myself, was very much a work in progress, especially this year. I both expected and appreciated the delays, not as setbacks, but as an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the really appreciate the parts I've usually sped right past. I made it home all the same, as there was no reason why I wouldn't. Good perspective here: home is always there, regardless of how long it takes to get there. It's not a race, so enjoy the process. And I did, thoroughly. Good morning everyone. Have a great day... and a little side note, if you haven't, at some point in your life given yourself the gift of 200 miles of open road in a convertible on a nice summer day, try it, it's like no other!

Happiness is: being home.

As much as I longed for big city life growing up, now that I have it, I can realize that for all it's glitz, opportunity and endless energy, a communion with nature is a required part of life. I'm happiest when I can enjoy the balance of the two, city and nature. In the city I thrive by spending a lot of time in closed-eye meditation, finding peace through seeing inner guidance, in nature I realize it's sort of the same, but can be done with eyes wide open, nature recognizes nature and nurtures it back to health. Grateful that through the process of living, I can indeed see both sides now.

Todays recipe for inner peace: The comfort and company of a longtime friend, beautiful hot summer weather, dry western air, cruising around in a convertible with the top down, time spent with family members, and a sunset you couldn't paint better

Good morning from the west :) I live in awe of the life lessons the weather out here teaches, namely that, between a beautiful hot day yesterday and another beautiful hot day today, for a few hours this morning, pre-dawn, the most intense thunderhead rolled through, tons of lightening, raucous booming thunder that could stop your heart, and torrential rain that blanketed the valley, washing it clean and offering all that lives in it water nutrient for the day ahead. Now, just a few hours later, the day is majestic, beautiful, new and filled with opportunity, should I choose to take it. This weather metaphor is an apt one for today, for many reasons. I can simply say, what seemed like could be the scariest of storm has passed, leaving today healed and with the opportunity of new growth. Happy Sunday everyone, enjoy the world that unfolds for you today.

Shifting perspective for a couple weeks. Trading the canyons of Manhattan for the valleys of my native rocky mountain west. Homes, the both of them. Through visiting one I always find a deeper level of peace with and respect for the other.

This morning, take a moment to consider what peace feels like. What it feels like to bravely ask for what you need, and to compassionately negotiate that with respect to the needs of those you come in contact with today. What may seem like hardline requests from others may just be their starting point, your need will be yours. Together, if you are both open and willing listeners to individual inner guidance, you will each find the weightless healing that all needs feel met and all truths served. The heart always knows peace, it always reveals itself to all those willing to see.

If you have a problem with ______________ people, your problem is likely in your own thinking. Our lack of exposure, our generalization, our stereotype, our boxes, our spokespeople, our bias, our miseducation all seeks to teach us we are different than--or separate from--but there is in truth only one of us here, together. Just people. Just an opportunity to see past the noise. Just a call to love.

Love. Because, at the end of the day, at the end of the journey--hippy and cheesy as it sounds-- it is the only thing that really matters: the love we gave and the love we were open to receive. I challenge myself each day to recognize loves presence in my life, in all it's abstract forms. The smile shared with someone in a crowded subway car. The friend who chose patient silence over a harsh and rushed conversation. The moment I recognize I'm happy and at peace in my own company. And the myriad little notes stashed around town reminding me of loves necessity and presence. The opposite of love is fear, and I stand unafraid in its presence. Goodnight New York, dream well.

Thoughts are like clouds, if you just let them be, appreciate them for what they are, and let them pass by without getting involved, life will always reveal the clear blue sky that lay just beyond them. Wishing you a great Monday #clearhead #clearheart

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