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❄️ FIRST DAY OF SNOW ❄️ #Winnipeg #Canada #Snow

Home is where the heart is and tonight my heart is heavy. #PrayForVegas #VegasStrong

Yesterday and today, I decided to chase the sun. These were spontaneous moments inspired by nature. What a difference in one day! Both sights seemed too good to be true. (I know I shouldn't be driving while I'm on my phone, but my angels had my back with this one) #MotherGaia #Nature #Sunset #Canada #Wanderlust #NoFilter #DivineTiming #Oneness

I finally took the time to roam the streets of my hometown. It's interesting that I came across this oversized laboratory flask, whereas in Vegas I probably would have got my hands on a flask to put alcohol in. Haha S/O to @jspork for taking these photos 😊

I still can't believe I live in Canada.

Don't forget to look up ❤️ #LookUp #DailyInspiration #MotherNature

In the deep hearth of earth,
Under the trampled bed of leaves,
Nestled in the caring bosom
Dreams of tomorrow sleep.
Will soon come a morning
Bathing rays of light
Uncurling frail souls
Strengthening their might
Tiny roots will find their home
Tender leaves will seek light
In flowers will bloom their hopes
In fruits, their promise of life.
There is no death in dying
There is so much life in life.
So let this last leaf fall
Let the last bloom dry.
In my dying,
I am more than alive.
- Ishrath Humairah
#SameTree #OneWeekApart #CycleOfLife #Rebirth #Winnipeg #Canada

[insert irrelevant caption here]

On the last day of the retreat, we trekked through a forest that led us to a sacred site. Everything was breathtaking, from the belly of the forest to the open sky. Once we found flat land, we settled in and prepared for a Drum Journey. This journey was to help us meet our spirit animal and a plant spirit. We connected to source and trusted our teacher to lead us into the unknown. With each drum, swarms of birds decided to join us and dance above us. That moment was so unbelievable. During my journey, I was guided graciously by the bear and the white wolf. I wasn't able to meet any plant spirits, but I trust I received everything I was supposed to at that time. Before we went back to camp, we noticed a figurine of the goddess, Mother Mary. We all gave her an offering and said a prayer. I have never felt more connected with my body, mind, and spirit. I have never felt more at home with Mother Earth. Thank you, thank you, thank you Universe for a true blessing 🙏🏼❤️🌼☀️🌿🌎 #BorealRetreat #BorealForest #Canada #Herbalists #PlantPeople #MedicineWoman #Gaia #MotherGaia #Consciousness #SoulFamily #DrumMeditation #Journey #Meditation #SpiritAnimal #PlantSpirit

This weekend I was blessed with magical land inhabited by beautiful souls & amazing healing plants. We all met at different times in our journey, but we all carry the same mission as herbalists; to take care of the plants that take care of our planet & all that dwells in it. Every person served as a guide & as the universe timed everything perfectly (as it always does), we all had an opportunity to be a student as well as a teacher. I am truly thankful for an unbelievable experience and inspired to be the best human being I can be. Thank you to all of the wonderful plants & trees that guided us, the rain that made us feel calm, & thank you to the unknown where anything can happen. #BorealRetreat #BorealForest #Canada #Herbalists #PlantPeople #MedicineWoman #Gaia #MotherGaia #Consciousness #SoulFamily

Oh summer, how you've been so good to me 💛☀️ #redriverex #winnipeg #ferriswheel #summer #sunset

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