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💕 Happy Valentine’s Day 💕 (side note: I actually love love and I don’t think love sucks, but this picture is just too funny)

I’m grateful that music is a positive way for me to release and let go. I’m always at my most vulnerable state when I sing, but it’s also very grounding for me. Whether it’s singing, dancing, or art, use your body to connect to your feelings. It’s a beautiful thing :) P.S. I love @zooeydeschanel & @sheandhim so much.

I HAVE WAITED MY WHOLE LIFE FOR THIS MOMENT 😭 Hearing my home country’s national anthem before watching my hometown hockey team play 🇨🇦🇨🇦 #WinnipegJets #GoJetsGo #DrakeWasntThereTho

Life is all about learning. You’re given an outline and some tools and the rest is up to you to interpret what you’re given. You have to keep trying and trying. You will fall, mess up a couple notes, but when you fall down, the best way to get back up is to laugh it off and try again. Life is hard. It’s easy to doubt yourself. But don’t give up. Sometimes you have to slow down. Sometimes you have to repeat the same process over and over until you feel a flow. Life will throw distractions your way, but you always have the power of choice to look past them and keep going. Sometimes you have to find or create your own rhythm. It’s all a process, but life is a beautiful journey that unfolds through time. ~
Today is my brother’s birthday and this moment we shared filled me with so much life. He reminds me how blessed we are to have the opportunity to better ourselves every day. Kennedy, you will always be perfect in my eyes even with your flaws. Your persistence to push through life’s struggles is inspiring. Thank you for being you. I love you with all of me, in this life and the next. Happy birthday! @kennedy_robertson

“THE ROAD TO POWER IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.” - @willsmith #WillSmith #Responsibility #Power #SelfHeal #Empower #Inspiration

I’m beyond grateful to have spent this month with my mom. She is beautiful inside & out. Her name (Bituin) in English means “star” & her energy radiates just that (it’s also cool to know I was born from a star ⭐️). We have come a long way, and the struggles to get here were worth it because we have found so much love in each other. Until we see each other again, with love from Canada ♥️ #MamaStar #DivineFeminine #UnconditionalLove #NobodyLikeYou

We are currently witnessing a new movement in the world and it is called “The Future is Female”. I am all for empowering women and reclaiming our identity and worth in the world. But in my opinion, the phrase “The Future Is Female” still teaches us that one strives to be better than the other. How can we truthfully promote equality this way? As we continue to raise awareness, we should remind ourselves what we want the greater picture to look like. Do we want to reciprocate the same oppression towards males? Or can we lead by example? Be stronger mothers in the home. Show compassion to our brothers and sisters. Support the ones who are creating positive change. Let’s restore balance. Let’s create harmony. And if we fight, we fight for freedom. #TheFutureIsFemale #TheFutureIsUS #FoodForTheSoul #Balance #Harmony #Freedom #Consciousness #Awareness #Lightworker #Spirituality #Enlightenment

Spa night with my beautiful mama 💕 #Thermea

I guess being a wedding consultant can be fun 😋💕🎂 #SweetNutFree #SweetImpressions #LoveBeingSweet

Another happiest of birthdays to the one & only, Meagan Dodd. You have the sweetest soul & the weirdest style; that’s why we’re best friends :) I love you with all of me & I’m so thankful for all the beautiful memories we’ve had together.. since we were in elementary school! We’ve grown up together, we’ve grown apart from each other, but you’ve always been there for me. Thanks for being you, Meg. Happy birthday ♥️

Today we are reminded of the magical world we live in. We can see that at the end of one rainbow is yet another. With the sun at the centre, we have the most sacred shape of all: the (perfect) circle. The universe nourishes us with infinite abundance & love everyday, as shown here. In the next video you can even see how it’s within another circle of rainbows. The question is: are you open to receiving all of this magical energy? 🤔🌈☀️💓 #UniversalLove #Magic #SacredGeometry #Winnipeg #Canada #Rainbow #Sunrise #Light #UniversalConsciousness #UnconditionalLove #Spirit #SpiritualAwakening #FoodForTheSoul #LookUp #Gaia #MotherNature #Universe


These are by far the best pictures we’ve ever taken #2014 #HappyBirthday


Taylor Ramona Hulburd is a rare find. Today is her birthday and I love her so much! We crossed paths because we were both best friends with Meagan, and by fate, we became best friends. Thank you for always helping me make decisions. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for being you. California, festivals, & flume are never the same without you bb 💕 Happy birthday! P.S. we need to take more photos!

Today is one of my bestest friend’s birthday. We’ve literally been through hell and back these past 10 years. From riding dirty in Sasha Fierce to trying to help me escape a student council conference to go to EDC to putting me on your shoulders at every rave. I love you with all of me. You will always be the angel on my shoulder and the devil in my head. I love you, brother!

This is what sparked my passion in Holistic Health. We are more than just our physical body. We are also our mental & emotional body. It is the relationship between the three bodies that contributes to our health. The health systems in the East have been practiced for thousands of years and it carries a holistic & all-natural point of view. It is my life’s purpose to marry the East & the West traditions in hopes for a healthier future for everybody. What’s your life’s purpose? #HolisticHealth #Ayurveda #Love #Life #FoodForTheSoul #Purpose #Journey #Spirituality #Consciousness #ShakeShitUp

~ Food For The Soul ~

You were always perfect in my eyes. Thank you for the unconditional love & for the chance to love you back. Even though I miss you so much, we’ll meet again next life time. I’ll see you soon, Matcha baby. ♥️

The story of a girl who chased the sunset until it chased her.

I don’t even know how to caption this cuz my nephew is too cute for words.

Pure bliss.

Very very happy to reunite with my other half! @kennedy_robertson Merry Christmas! 🎄

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