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Marc Más  I like my sugar with coffee and cream

I've recently accepted Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner as a role model. He only cares about his freaks and his peaks. That's a good example of setting your priorities. 345x8 for my 5th Set tonight #5thSet #teamswede #powerlifting @405rhino
@its_tony34 @tanhunt95 @sir.lifts.a.little @sir.lifts.a.lot

@og50cal 445x12 for the #5thset. Don't think I've ever pushed myself this hard for a set of squats. Feels good mane. Had to split the video because I'm too slow @og50cal #teamswede #powerlifting #squats

Most people are down the beach, but I'm sitting here at work so I'll hit you with this A1 filter #employeeoftheyear #filterbasedgod #stronghouseproject #powerlifting

435x7 for the 5th set. Off night tonight, 4x2 moved like hot garbage before this. Probably should have done a deload before going into new program, whatever #5thset #teamswede

First night on @mfswede 5th Set program. This was 330x8 for my 5th set. Ran out of steam, can tell I need the volume #5thset #teamswede #ironsportgym

Not great at benching, but hella good with the filters #letseat

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