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MDDA Australia  MDDA educates, connects and enables those living with an Inborn Error of Metabolism (IEM) – ensuring informed choices and a better quality of life 🍎

That's a wrap! Massive thanks to all our Great Protein Challenge Pledgers and Players! We loved seeing all your pictures! Your support means so much to us and all those people living with PKU who have to 'go low pro' every single day. From all of them and all of us - thank you thank you thank you!! #lowpro4PKU #Grateful

Today is Rare Disease Day, and the final day of The Great Protein Challenge. Thank you to all those people who PLEDGED or PLAYED to support PKU! There is still time to donate and show your support! Just head to the link here:
#lowpro4PKU #showyourrare

“Pregnancy is a challenge. When I was at the earlier stages of pregnancy, I would go down to 2g of protein a day which is the equivalent of one slice of bread. It’s an incredibly restrictive diet and the only things I could eat in volume were carrots, celery, tomatoes, capsicum, apples. I started losing weight which also increases the Phe levels in the brain. I carried supplements, 120 tablets/day, and vitamins amongst other things. I became anaemic and it becomes a really fine juggling act of protein, calories and just trying to make sure everything is where it should be.” For Alison Cornish, who lives with PKU, starting a family was more challenging than most. To learn more about PKU, and help raise much needed awareness and funds, head to

Pippa is a young seven year old girl who enjoys nippers, loves playing in the playground with her friends and riding horses. She also takes her special PKU formula four times a day so that she has the nutrients she needs. Pippa and her family are PLAYING as part of The Great Protein Challenge, in the hope of raising awareness for PKU #lowpro4PKU

It's Valentines Day! Is the way to your heart through your stomach? Would you struggle to go a day without your high protein smoothie, your daily banana or occasionally indulging in a big juicy burger? Time to put yourself to the test! Why not PLAY in The Great Protein Challenge and try out these low protein options instead?

Do you love your cheese? Imagine having a condition that meant cheese was permanently off the menu. Take the plunge and challenge yourself - or better yet, challenge a friend to PLAY while you PLEDGE (and enjoy your cheese plate!) Who do you know that couldn't live without cheese? #lowpro4PKU

"This will be a lifelong issue for my girls but we're all learning more and more about it and they're both beginning to understand what they can and can't do and their responsibilities. It is so great to see."
Brooke Dawn is the mother of Willow, 5 and Kennedy, 2 (pictured). Willow and Kennedy are both living with PKU a rare genetic disease that forces them to drastically limit their protein intake or face serious consequences to their health.
To learn more about PKU and support families like Brooke's, see the link in the bio.

This egg contains 6g of protein. For most people, it's a healthy snack, but for those living with PKU, this single egg contains nearly all the protein able to be safely consumed in one day. Going over a set amount can have serious health consequences. You can learn more about and support those living with this rare disease by Taking the Great Protein Challenge #lowpro4PKU

“One thing that I say to people is that ‘my normal isn’t the same as your normal.’ I think PKU is about that. Just because Harry and William eat differently, doesn’t mean they are different.” - Sarah Acton's sons Harry and William both live with #PKU. To learn more about PKU and to support those living with this rare disease visit the link in our bio and take the #GoLowPro challenge today! #GoLow4PKU

🍔 When protein makes you sick 📰 | Such an amazing push for PKU awareness in Australia in the lead up to Rare Disease Day on the 28th February. Kicking it off with our very own awareness campaign - The Great Protein Challenge. Very glad to be apart of it all!
Link to article in my bio ☝️
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Looking for low protein recipes to get through your Great Protein Challenge? We have your day on a plate planned (using just 10g of protein!) Try our banana smoothie which contains just 2g of protein. For more recipe ideas head to our website. #lowpro4PKU #BreakfastOfChampions #LowProteinLotsOfFlavour

Micaela Hopkins, Sydney mum-of-three, who has two sons; Josh,11 and Tom, 9 born with PKU, shared a bit about her family’s story on @Kidspot 😀 You can support families like Micaela's by taking on the Go Low Pro Challenge #lowpro4PKU

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