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Max Teboul  || 25 || USC Alum ✌️|| 🇵🇹🇺🇸🇫🇷 || Chicago ➡️ LA || ⬇️ Pray For Me - The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar 🔽 ||

Shout out to my Chicago friends @dameison and @jordyn.cosey for rockin’ with me on this section 👊🏼 @rickyd217 and I played around with some different lighting and effects for this part - hope you like it! (Full video link in bio!) Also, a big thanks to @11theeleven for letting us shoot in their space!
🎥: @rickyd217
Choreo: @mcteboul17

Part 2! Featuring the bromies @dean_elex and @jnova17 ! YouTube sucks and blocked the full video seconds after I uploaded, but it is now on Vimeo so peep the link in my bio if you wanna see the whole thing 😁❤️ #prayforme
🎥: @rickyd217

Excited to finally share this new video @rickyd217 and I just finished! This was probably the most ambitious project I’ve taken on before just in terms of time and coordination but it was well worth it! Thanks to all my dope friends for bringing this to life! ❤️ When you get a chance, check out the full video (Vimeo link in my bio) and let me know what you think! For now, here is @jess_hiestand being a badass and killin’ the opening section 😎 #prayforme

It’s been a while since I posted something and even longer since I put out a new video. Excited to share this new piece featuring some of my dope friends @jess_hiestand @dean_elex @jnova17 @dameison @jordyn.cosey @nams_34 @ratchetscott @josuecarlosjimenez @rickyd217

No lie, this was a fun one 🕺🏻 Maybe @dean_elex should collab on something again soon 🤔 ?

Lol this video makes me cringe a lil’ bit but apparently it was @justinbieber bday yesterday so I’m jumpin’ on the Insta bandwagon. This was me 5 yrs ago in Chicago filming a video with my bros 🕺🏻🎥❄️ #biebs #bieber #biebing #flashbackfriday

Dropping some never-before-seen footage from the Temperature video I put out last September 😱. Lol not sure how exactly this dance vid turned into a @sippurifiedwater commercial but if you’re feeling thirsty, check it out 😉 #temperature #thirstythursday #🍍 #🌴 #😈 cc: @igotthepowaaah (🕺🏻) @mattikawpeng (🕺🏻) @littleboy_dance (🕺🏻) @dreygo4it (🎥)

I think I took my first ever dance class around 6 years ago and it was at Visceral. I don’t make it back to Chicago as much as I’d like, but when I’m home it’s always nice to drop in and dance with new and familiar faces. Glad I got to hit a few steps in @_cjsalvador class a couple months back 👊🏼 🎵: “Roses” - @chrisbrownofficial

Didn’t get around to filming a new video for Valentine’s Day but here’s some old footy of me humpin’ the floor n’ stuff 🤓

Lil’ video experiment by Me, Myself and I (and @dreygo4it ) a couple months ago 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻 Peep the @russ Me You music video to see the original inspo for this one #meyou #russ

#TrendyTuesday | Did we forget any trendy moves? 🕺🏻Lol tag a friend who still gets way too hype when Sandstorm comes on 😜
cc: @dean_elex @darudevil
P.S. Head on over to Dean’s Page bc Insta sucks and the music is off in this video...and the musicality here is REALLY REALLY important 😉😂

Are you planning a home improvement project? Did you forget to go to Home Depot this weekend?? Well don’t worry cause @dean_elex has all the Supplies you’ll need! Make sure to check out the homie’s new video cause it’s 🔥 Thanks for bringing us all together for this fun shoot - ‘twas a pleasure gettin’ down with these talented fellas 💪🏼@themarvinryan @justlopes @leomorimune
Choreo & Video: @dean_elex
Music: “Supplies” - @justintimberlake

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