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I just accidentally posted this on my personal account. Anyways yes! We need a third admin! If you're interested, lemme know in the comments! :) ~Valence Fire

Well. Um. Okay. So guys, I'm talking to the other admin about looking for A THIRD admin, cause I'm just really busy a lot. So is anyone maybe gonna be interested? ~Valence Fire

MY FEELS. ~valence fire

Because derp. ~valence fire

I used paint again. ~Valence Fire

Hey, guys. I wanted to let you know. Other than this, I won't be posting today out of respect to 9/11. I don't know if any of you are religious but, please say a prayer, or pay respect in some way. I love you guys! Xoxo ~Valence Fire

QOOTD: if you guys saw these, would you buy them?? (I would, but only because I never see mcr merch anymore, and these things are creepy) ~Valence Fire


Uhhhh guise. I think I have a problem. ~valence fire

Hai hai. ~Valence Fire

Do you guys want me to do a Frankie spam? I can so do that. Haha, comment. ~Valence Fire

This pic of Frankie is just 😍😘👌👍 haha why is everyone unfollowing? I'm on a camping trip and I can't post very much so...yeah. ~Valence Fire

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