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Nathaniel  Scorpio♏️ In a relationship with my Volvo.. snowboard, skateboard. Lost without direction. Only looking forward. Pdx🌲

Spontaneous beach trip was lit🔥🔥 #beach #poi

Night time is my second favorite time of the day.🌖

Ive lost every last person I cared about through the havoc of my life this last year. So many people I cared about proved to me that they were not a real friend to me. Well I'm sick of being lonely. I'm tired of having no one to talk to, I'm tired of having no one to listen to. If anyone one reading this is looking to build a friendship let me know. I don't care who or why. I just want someone to go on a hike or a long car ride with and just talk about life. No matter who you are I'm here to listen to you. I'm here to be your friend. 🙂

Went into get my hair cut for the first time in like 3 years. I was very skeptical but I couldn't be happier with the results. #feelingood

Fake a smile to mask the pain. Trick the brain from going insane. No hurt = no gain.

She is no rally car. She isn't very fast. But you can't deny that beauty🖤 #Volvo #volvo240 #newwip

This is the day after my life went to shit. Now a year and a half later.. I have nothing, I have lost my family. At least things can't get any worse than this. Ill just fake a smile and keep going. At least I'm alive..

The most beautiful picture i took while hiking.

Spinning poi in such a beautiful place is so humbling.
#poi #flow #hiking #highonlife

One of my first times recording myself. I finally feel like a good enough to start makin some vids(; it was just to gorgeous out to pass up, hope y'all enjoy!
#fingershow #gloving #hateonit

A little under water action💦🌊 #swimming #River #underwater

Smokings dead, Vapeing is the future 🚬➡️👎 #riptrippers #vape #mechmod #ecig #subohm

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