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McMillan Fiberglass Stocks  Manufactures custom rifle stocks that set the standard in tactical/hunting/competition rifles. Az Desert Bighorn Sheep Society:

Check out Kelly McMillan on the latest Gun Freedom Radio show. This week was The Economy of Tyranny
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Are you competing in this year’s match?
#repost @nationalrifleleague - We’re ready for the Battle in Arizona! -
@owensarmory Sickness for Distance 2018 #BATTLEROYALAZ precision rifle match is presented by @mcmillan_stocks! -
This is the 4th match of the @NationalRifleLeague 2018 Season!
Match Dates: Apr. 28 - 29
Location: Big Sandy near Wikieup, AZ
MDs: @beardowens, @the_tomas_meraz, @cxtressler -
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Another great #TacticalTuesday from Kurt B. with a McMillan classic stock.
Rifle Specs:
McMillan classic stock, gelcoated flamer. Remington 700 action with Birdsong black T finish. Rock Barrel, 1-8.5 twist and throated to shoot heavies. 4 contour fluted. CDI bottom metal with AICS magazines
Chambered in 7mm Remington
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#Repost from @regina_milkovich - Made it home safe from Georgia with some new hardware and a few more PRS season points! Thanks to Phil Cashin, his family, and the rest of the crew who helped with the @masterpiecearms Spring Shootout at @arenatrainingfacility. I recently read a super amusing post about how alike all of the post-match posts are, so I’ll skip some of the usual stuff and say this about the match: it was the most “west coast style” match I’ve ever shot in the southeast (that’s a compliment btw). It was great fun too. For the record, rain-gear is super fun to splash around in when you’re far away from guns and ammo during down time. Also, thanks to @curtis.custom for donating the cert for a Vector action that I picked up from the prize table for my 3rd place finish! Much appreciated guys!
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Arizona Mid Range Championships

McMillan as a company, and our CEO Kelly McMillan, consider it an honor and privilege to support the shooting sports. Here’s an account of how some loaner rifles we made specifically for competitions are being used to help the next generation of competitors.

It was a warm Phoenix weekend with temperatures in the 90's. Winds were hi starting out at 4mph at the start of the day but quickly getting up to 10 and peaking at 15 for the day. Needless to say it was very challenging for anyone shooting a 6mm. Kaycie Blankenship shot Kelly's Dasher and did very well with it. She was the high junior by quite a bit. The gun shot awesome!!! She shot an 1172-44X putting her 12th overall. I can not express how awesome the Wickenberg kids are. Respectful, thankful, and hard working. It is an amazing program and the only High School Rifle Team in the country. They do so much with so little. Kaycie was extremely appreciative and the joy on her face was worth all the effort. #mcmillanstocks #precisionrifle #accurate #longrangeonly #customrifle #elr #team

We have been working hard on McCubed so we can get some stocks on the market soon. We are getting there. Because we insist on producing a polymer stock that is better than anything on the market, and using a process that will allow us to do somethings others can't, we are working to get everything perfect. Hopefully we will have stocks to sell within 6-8 weeks. Here is a drawing of our Tradition stock which is based on the McMillan Game Scout.

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Britainy McMillan and Kelly McMillan are this year’s corporate sponsors at The Arizona Elk Society’s annual banquet! #McMillanstocks #elksociety #banquet #hunting #outdoors #arizona #arizonahunting @arizonaelksociety

Another shooter willing to talk about his McMillan Xit. “Kelly,

Well, it has been right at 1 year of campaigning with my XIT stock in F-T/R and I have some observations. I know you wanted a story of some kind, but I cannot come up with anything that would constitute a story so I decided to write a review. I hope this helps . First, the fit and finish are amazing. The color scheme came out exactly as I had envisioned it and the machining is excellent. Rail fit, pillars and action machining are excellent. The most pleasing aspect of this stock is the way it tracks at the shot. I have run several other stocks, including an A-5 when I first started, and I have never had a rifle track as true as the XIT. It simply runs straight back every shot. I am assuming that this is because there is no cast in the butt stock. Whatever it is, I do not have to re-align the rifle after each shot. The vertical pistol grip and the way it is cut really makes for a comfortable, repeatable grip, which is so important for shot to shot consistency. Even with my short index finger and therefore a long trigger finger, the grip angle and being cut past center allows a relaxed grip on the rifle and proper trigger finger placement. The adjustable magnetic cheek piece is well designed and is as solid as a fixed cheek piece. The only issue I have had with it is a loosening of the hold down thumbscrews during a string. It is a small thing and I just occasionally check and tighten them. The adjustable cast feature is also a nice touch that allows even greater adjustability for the shooter. The butt plate is solidly built and holds adjustment with no problems. I have never had any trouble with anything on the butt plate loosening.
So that is what my impression is of the first year with my XIT stock. It is rapidly becoming the gold standard in F-T/R as evidenced by the growing number of them that I see at matches. Thank you again for your generous sponsorship of Team Savage. Hope to see you in Dallas.
Warren Dean”
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Collaborating at the @azgfd Spring business summit! Cheryl Todd from gun freedom radio guides us on what we can do with media relations as an industry.
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#TacticalTuesday build from Kurt B. with a McMillan Classic stock. "My McMillan Classic stock, black, grey and white gelcoat. The barreled action is a lefthanded Remington 700 30-06 with some bolt work done to it. It is pillar bedded into the Classic and shoots sub moa past 700 yards. A very easy way to get to a very accurate rifle is to add a McMillan to a Remington." - Kurt B. #McMillanStock #Hunting #PrecisionRifle #customRifle #boomstick #Longrangeonly #ELR #Outdoors

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