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Jennifer McKinney

At the Maasai market.

Watching the hippos and crocs in the Mara River from our tent.

The big boys are enjoying dancing with the Maasai people this morning as we visit their village. 🌎

Another day on safari! We've seen baboons, warthogs, giraffes, wildebeests and gazelles. Our guide, Henry, has taught us so much on our travels. Wildebeests have short memories and even forget their children sometimes or that they are being chased by a lion, zebras eat only the tops of the grass, Thompson Gazelles are most sensitive to predators, Elands shoot their bodies full of poisons right before they are attacked, white rhinos were actually named "WIDE rhinos by the Afrikaans who spoke Dutch and it was misunderstood as white, wildebeests migrate from the Serengeti and only 1/10th survive, ostriches lay one egg a day and always in groups with their friends and so much more. 🦁 🦏 πŸ’πŸ—

What tent camping should always be like. ⛺️ 🌎🦏

On safari!

Rhinos are dangerous, and I was appalled when we drove up on two of them and our safari guide said we were getting out.
However, these two white rhinos have lived near rangers most of their lives. So apparently it was okay to get out. Under the rangers' guidance, we got right up close to the two massive animals!! With photos to prove it, of course. 🦏 🌎

Inspired by my visit to the Fairmont in Maui recently, I booked a tent at the Fairmont here in Maasai Mara for myself and the boys! It's literally on the river...we woke to the sound of hippos barking! Crocodiles basking on the banks. It's surreal!!

Bush plane. ✈️We are spending a few days on safari πŸš™ in Maasai Mara. 🦁

Check out the breathtaking view from the little eight seater plane we took to the southwestern corner of Kenya today!

My current view!! The four of us are in a tiny bush plane, the only passengers headed to Ngerende Airstrip in Masaai Mara. A few days on safari, here we come!!!

We are back in Nairobi now. Playing with an African clown again. They seem to be everywhere on this trip. 😳🌎

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