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I’ll just leave this right here. #boyart #boymom #selfportrait

Taking an evening walk up our hill. 🌳

Lachlan and I are home!! We hope to hear test results from the doctor this coming week.
And my sister and I were overdue for a photo of our kiddos, so here are the #cousins after lunch this afternoon!! Isaac, 14. Kieran, 13. Cullen, 12. Maisie, 10. Stellan, 9. Raven, 8. Lachlan, 8. Azri, 7. Olive, 5. Hosea, 1. Cedar, 0. ❤️

We met with the skull base brain surgeon, and he was fantastically nice and helpful! He doesn’t think the masses in Lachlan’s brain have anything to do with his sleep apnea, but he can’t be sure as Lachlan has an average of 26 central apneas per hour. (And even M O R E obstructive apneas on top of that.) Regardless, continuing with CPAP to help him get better rest will be good for our little guy! Today’s doctor was the first person to ever have a relatively definitive answer about what the lesions behind Lachlan’s sphenoid sinuses are! He wants to keep him in the hospital just for the night and ordered some imaging right away so he can compare how the masses look now with Lachlan’s last scan to see if they are getting bigger or smaller or staying the same. I have a great feeling that we are getting closer to more answers!!!

Three nights of his CPAP are under Lachlan’s belt, and we are back out East today for more appointments. We are meeting with a skull base surgeon today to continue on the journey towards figuring out why Lachlan has a headache and what the masses behind his sphenoid sinuses are. 🧠 #psuedotumorcerebri #headache #sphenoidsinus

I have aways known that when I put my mind to something, I can do anything.

It’s fun to see the proof of that!

With the help of my supplements, for without them I would eat my arm and leg and not be losing as fast, I’ve now lost 70 pounds!

I meant to post this yesterday for September 20 marked 4 months since I got back on track on May 20, but this will have to suffice! 🤣 #weightloss #droptheweight #xyngular

Do your kiddos do this as well when picking out their own outfits?! #matchymatchy

White on white on white. My nail lady said she will not give me white fingernail polish because it discolors. I swear I’ve seen people with them. Do you think that’s true!? ⚪️

I woke up to this this morning! I guess the cat has been laying there since the kids went to school since the arm is still over her!? #lifewithkids #boymom #scarecrow #catsofinstagram

F I N A L L Y. I ended up deciding to pay cash for his CPAP today because Insurance has been dragging their heels with red tape and paperwork, and I didn’t want Lachlan to have to wait one more day to start having better sleep. #sleepapnea #iih #psuedotumorcerebri #headache #cpap

I’m not wearing flip flops!!! 🍁 #fall #birkenstock

Cullen’s face when I asked him if he had Parent Teacher Conferences coming up just like the elementary kids. I guess he doesn’t know! 😂

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