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Newbie Lover  -Finchel & Ryley -jennoist<3 -chord,blake,Cory,billy&marshall<3 -Melissa&Laura are my idols -Newbies are life -RIP Angel Cory πŸ˜‡I'll love you forever

Kevin is perf. So I watched dianna and heather on punkd and they're so funny #glee #kevinmchale

Alright hello everyone sorry my absence not like anyone noticed probably. But here I am wishing I was rich so I could participate in the glee auction and win me some Ryder Lynn memorabilia but nah. #glee #corymonteith #heathermorris

So guys I had my second lesson of drivers ed today and my instructor says I'm doing good! Woohoo! #glee #corymonteith

"I got you babe" my otp is too cute 😍. #glee #supergirl #blakejenner #melissabenoist #jennoist

Lmao this tweet is from 2 years ago. Yesterday my tweet from two years ago was that I was watching the children of the corn that mark was in πŸ˜‚ #glee

Made a Grilled cheesus in honor of Cory. Didn't come out as good as I would like but still. #corymonteith #glee #ripcory #2yearswithoutcory

Watching glee today in honor of Cory. But everytime I'm about to cry cory does something adorable as Finn and I just smile and laugh. #glee #2yearswithoutcory #ripcory #corymonteith

2 years doesn't feel like it for real. I still miss you every day. #glee #corymonteith #ripcory

Omg my heart with this picture 😩😍. So I just got an obsession with chopped. I'm obsessed with cooking competition shows. #glee #blakejenner #melissabenoist #supergirl #grantgustin #theflash

Uh so did anyone else have their followers increase but like no new followers? I got an increase on both of my accounts like this account wasnt at 500 yet and I got like a 100 followers on my personal but no new followers #glee

I am so so sooo sorry I haven't posted. I've been at camp in Canada and you can't use your phone there and then the last 2 days I've been busy so I'm so sorry. Forgive me. #glee #finchel #finnhudson #rachelberry #samevans #tinacohenchang

So a couple days ago I got into an argument on tumblr about one of my glee confessions about Spencer having Ryder's jersey. Well the people I got into an argument with misunderstood what I said and talked to me like I was an idiot and made me like I'm people are going to see me as a joke. These people even made a picture that basically made fun of me and the situation. So come to find out they are grown adults. What I'm trying to get at is that yes the glee fandom has many different little fandoms in them but if you're going to argue please make it an actual argument without making people feel like shit. Also if you're older please don't make the people who are younger than you feel inferior. #glee #corymontieth

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