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Mckindree patton  Dba & Bmt transplant survivor. Fashion lover. Blogger and photo taker. 20. #kincankickit

Always on that hospital grind! Getting Ivig today. It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my health and to be honest, the last couple of months have just been tough...physically and emotionally. i just want to feel good. someone actually asked me in the questions on my story how i stay so positive through all of this and my answer? i don’t. I’m not always positive. i have bad days, bad weeks, bad months. but what keeps me going is the fact that i can look back and see that i HAVE made progress. even when it really doesn’t feel like it, i can look back on pictures and SEE the progress i’ve made over the months and years. it’s been a super slow process...but it doesn’t matter how slow or long it takes, it just matters if you get there, and i’m determined to get there, however long it takes. 💫
matter of fact, just a year ago this week...i was fighting for my life in Utah at Primary Childrens after getting sepsis. that really shook me. i’m here now, a year later, almost a semester through a college program and doing the best (I) can do. I know Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us, some of us just might have to wait to figure out what that plan is.

My dad has been my family’s source of strength our whole lives but mine especially the past four years. His faith and love he has for our savior is unwavering. He will do anything for anyone, especially those he loves and he has the kindest most forgiving heart. 💛✨ In the last picture, although hard to look at, it’s a special picture of my dad and I. It was last summer when I had gotten sepsis in Utah and coded...i was in the ICU. My dad was still in Az and we told him to just stay there, not to worry. But he was insistent on coming. (Thankfully he did haha) some awesome friends got him the next flight out and he was there about 2 hours later and this is where he stayed. Holding my hand. Just like every other time and i am so grateful. I love you so much daddy! Happy Father’s Day! Hope you enjoyed your foot rub😜

Can we go back?! Much needed time in the sun ☀️ with the fam + the pups. Weekend getaways are good for the soul🌊✌🏻

@taylorswift can throw one heck of a party!🖤 so thankful i got to spend such a fun night out with fellow cancer warriors! Thank you so much @butterflygirl133 for making this happen for all of us! Such a blast!

Flowers as far as the eye can see? My dreamland🌸🌼✨

Such a beautiful day celebrating @jagenbeck & @damonjbeck in such a beautiful place. So happy for these two cuties🌸

Forever going to be living in these pants from @lizardthicketboutique!! So cute and comfy! I’m all about that these days! AND I’m so excited to share on March 7th all the Lizard Thicket boutiques’ around the nation will be having a fundraiser for @comfycozy4chemo/ @ahrangels 🌈 how amazing is that? 10% of all sales from ALL the stores will go back to this amazing organization i care so much about! So come shop & give back!! Thank you Barb for working so hard on this! We are so excited! 💫#dottiethedoxi

Crazy dog lady or crazy doxi lady? Probably both. This is dottie the doxi, and she’s a feisty one. You bet there’s going to be a brooks & dottie insta page lol🐶💗

‘Stop and taste the roses’ orrr ‘stop and taste the macorons from @ruzecakehouse? Best macarons I’ve ever tasted. I had a reaction to my ivig the other day so i didn’t get to celebrate Valentine’s Day yesterday, but don’t worry, i made up for it today in calories😉🌹💗 cutest place ever! More pics on my story!

How have i never been to the sugar bowl? A pink vintage building & you can get ice cream...yes pleaseee!! 🍦

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