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Mckindree patton  Dba & Bmt transplant survivor. Fashion lover. Blogger and photo taker. 20. #kincankickit

Disneyland at halloween + these girls. we had such a fun spontaneous girls weekend🎃✨🎠🥨

My fav sis @hattiepatton came and surprised me during my infusion today + brought me a Diet Coke💥 it’s the little things❤️

How dang cute are these @joyfullgiftco boxes? Such a fun way to send a friend a little ‘pick me up’. Thank you @joyfullgiftco for making my week a little brighter☀️swipe to see what’s inside✨😻

Unreal wedding weekend in Vegas with my awesome plus one, Lorraine. Here’s a few snippets from this gorgeous event. It was a literal floral dream. Seal & Bruno Mars we’re just icing on the cake. @kelleyannnemiro you & your hubby were magical! I’m so happy for you two💗🌸✨#newlynemiro

•• Today has been the best day celebrating life with so many loved ones. As each year passes, I feel like not much has changed, so many thoughts go through my head...and sometimes a “why” sneaks in there. This is me looking at the small picture. Then I have to turn my attitude around and look at the big picture of things, ALL that has happened in 4 years since that bag of Matthew, my donors’, cells went through mine after my body had been depleted of everything because of chemotherapy. There have been good, bad, ugly, REALLY BAD, REALLY UGLY times, but also really good, and really beautiful times. People always ask me if I would change everything I’ve been through, you wanna know my honest answer? NO! I have gone through the most incredible spiritual journey, become so close with my family, nurses, doctors, friends who are dealing with similar much good has come out of pure hell. •• Each day is a blessing, and I have been so beyond blessed along this journey. This life is so freaking hard, for every one of us, but I’m so grateful I have my people in my corner always fighting with me.
Thank you all for fighting with me, for so long, and for continuing along this long, hard journey! Here’s to another amazing FOUR years✨💫🥂
Ps. Sorry I always have to write a novel...

Phlebotomy + tocilizumab infusion today. Almost at the FOUR YEAR mark from my transplant day (this month) weird to think about. It feels like a million years ago, yet yesterday at the same time just because I’m still living it every day. •
These wonderful ladies have been here from the start & are still here today. I love them SO MUCH. Feeling blessed. #bmtsquad

Always on that hospital grind! Getting Ivig today. It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my health and to be honest, the last couple of months have just been tough...physically and emotionally. i just want to feel good. someone actually asked me in the questions on my story how i stay so positive through all of this and my answer? i don’t. I’m not always positive. i have bad days, bad weeks, bad months. but what keeps me going is the fact that i can look back and see that i HAVE made progress. even when it really doesn’t feel like it, i can look back on pictures and SEE the progress i’ve made over the months and years. it’s been a super slow process...but it doesn’t matter how slow or long it takes, it just matters if you get there, and i’m determined to get there, however long it takes. 💫
matter of fact, just a year ago this week...i was fighting for my life in Utah at Primary Childrens after getting sepsis. that really shook me. i’m here now, a year later, almost a semester through a college program and doing the best (I) can do. I know Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us, some of us just might have to wait to figure out what that plan is.

My dad has been my family’s source of strength our whole lives but mine especially the past four years. His faith and love he has for our savior is unwavering. He will do anything for anyone, especially those he loves and he has the kindest most forgiving heart. 💛✨ In the last picture, although hard to look at, it’s a special picture of my dad and I. It was last summer when I had gotten sepsis in Utah and coded...i was in the ICU. My dad was still in Az and we told him to just stay there, not to worry. But he was insistent on coming. (Thankfully he did haha) some awesome friends got him the next flight out and he was there about 2 hours later and this is where he stayed. Holding my hand. Just like every other time and i am so grateful. I love you so much daddy! Happy Father’s Day! Hope you enjoyed your foot rub😜

Can we go back?! Much needed time in the sun ☀️ with the fam + the pups. Weekend getaways are good for the soul🌊✌🏻

@taylorswift can throw one heck of a party!🖤 so thankful i got to spend such a fun night out with fellow cancer warriors! Thank you so much @butterflygirl133 for making this happen for all of us! Such a blast!

Flowers as far as the eye can see? My dreamland🌸🌼✨

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