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McKenzie Renae  •Becoming the woman of my dreams @ my own pace✨ •Lifestyle Influencer •👩🏽‍💻 •📍ATL • Jeremiah 29:11 • My latest work👇🏾

Rocking @marcjacobsbeauty Matte Highliner Pencil in “Out of the Blue” & @narsissist “Take Me Home” Velvet Matte Lip Pencil allll summer. This color makes me feel like such a bad ass 💣 Apply to lower lashline only for more edge😜 #narsissist #marcjacobsbeauty

Super blessed to be home in Austin with my bestie 💗 Happy Mother’s Day! 🌸

To have an amazing support system of family and friends is a blessing. But therapy? Whew 🙌🏾 Life changing! •
I’ve been going to therapy for a few years now and have grown immensely! To have a neutral outlet to talk to and help guide me through personal issues, and simply life, has been vital to my growth and transformation as a woman. I’ve been served tough love, gentle kindness, and just the damn truth. Whether I wanted to swallow the pill or not. •
If you’ve never considered therapy, give it some thought. I was lucky to click with the first therapist I went to, but I understand sometimes it takes some time finding the right one you can connect with. It’s very personal. I’m always encouraging my friends to see a therapist, because it’s transformed me. •
Podcasts, books, and encouraging quotes are cool, but sometimes you gotta level up and invest in yourself on a whole other level! You can’t always control your circumstances , but you do have control over yourself! Whew I feel so good today! ✨ Can anyone else relate?

I’m just out here letting go and trusting God ☀️

Happy Girl, Happy Curls 🤗

My Twist Out Routine:
1️⃣ Detangle first on dry hair with the Aloe & Coconut Water Pre-Shampoo. Gently comb through with a wide tooth comb.

2️⃣ Wash & Condition with the Honey & Coconut Oil Shampoo and Honey, Chocolate & Coconut Oil Conditioner.

3️⃣ Apply a light spritz of the Coconut Milk & Honey Leave-In Conditioner all over, followed by the Coconut Oil & Baobab Oil Leave-In Cream. Apply in moderation.
4️⃣ Part in medium-large sections and apply the Shea Butter & Flaxseed Oil Curling Cream & new Gel Cream section by section. Brush product through your hair with a Denman brush. Two strand twist each section and finger coil the ends. This is how you achieve the definition.
5️⃣ Let hair dry over night or under a hair dryer. Make sure it is completely dry before taking down.

6️⃣ Squeeze some of the 5 Essential Oils on your fingertips and gently unravel each twist. Don’t pull apart too much or you’ll create unwanted frizz.
7️⃣ Once all sections are unraveled, take your fingers and fluff your roots to make the hair bigger. My hair is the biggest by day 3, so plan in advance if you need to. •
All products are from The Moisture Miracle line by @myafricanpride , they smell amazing 😍 and are all under $10. #FeelingMyPride #MyAfricanPride #MoistureMiracle #Partner

This weekend was so much fun ✨I spent all day with @myafricanpride in their 90s themed beauty trap house at the @naturalhairshow in ATL. 💁🏽‍♀️ It was a hit, and the best part was meeting sooo many of my followers and supporters who took the time to come out and kick it with me💗 You can still peep the day in my IG Stories and “In Person” highlight on my page. I’ll be sharing details on my twist out later this week, so stay tuned! #FeelingMyPride #MyAfricanPride #MoistureMiracle #Partner

If @lennykravitz home(s) aren’t the definition of sexy, then I just don’t know what sexy means these days. Can I get an invite for a drink? To the dinner party? Maybe just a quick tour or the personal cell number to your interior designer Lenny? That’s not asking for much right?

What room are you kicking it in first (swipe for the vibes)? I don’t know about you, but I’m headed to binge watch anything in that living room with the piano. Drop a 🔥 in the comments if this is your style.

It finally feels like Spring! 🌷The fro is out and flourishing! And I’m super excited to be partnering with @myafricanpride this weekend (27th-28th) at The World Natural Hair Show in ATL at booth #201 . •
Their new line is my fav and I’m going to be spilling all the secrets on my twist out and what I use to make it pop! Swipe 👉🏾 for the deets and come out and meet me and let’s take pics! Who’s going to be there?🌹

My latest read, I’m a couple of chapters away from being finished. This book is centered around the topic of basically not sweating the small stuff. Personally I can be a bit extreme in either caring or not, a very black or white mentality. I prefer not to play in the gray space. I was searching for a balance of effs to give lol , and this book has been serving me a nice little dose of alternative thinking. Challenging my white and black mentality. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars and I plan on sharing some notes I took in a review. Up next on my list 📚, @michelleobama Becoming, Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog, @daveramsey The Total Money Makeover .

Have you read this? What’s on your reading list?

Be yourself today, you look beautiful like that. 💗

The older I’ve gotten, the more comfortable and accepting I’ve become of the essence of who I am. No one will ever be you, look like you, think like you, or move like you. I get a lot of DMs from beautiful women about my gap and how I’ve learned to accept and love it. I’ll admit, I went back and forth about closing it from middle through high school. I had many consultations but could never commit. I realized that if I closed my gap, I would be erasing a beautiful trait my grandmother passed down to me, I would erase what makes me unique, I would erase something that I felt was special, and truly made me, me. I love my gap! I love my smile and I’m not insecure about it. Embrace the unique traits about yourself ! Big eyes, big lips, small or big boobs, skinny or curvy body, muffin top, freckles, gray hairs, love that shit about yourself and flourish out in these streets! If God wanted to create you differently he would have. ✨

To all my girls and guys with gaps who are still learning to love it, smile!!! Never stop smiling, don’t hide it. You are beautiful just the way God made you! Gap gang unite👄👄👄 #gapgang

Forever mood 💁🏽‍♀️Yesterday was perfect in every sense of the word. Beautiful weather, plenty of bubbly🍾🥂, laughs and wisdom with my Bomb ass girls, great food, gifts, shook a tail feather, & positive vibes and energy all day. •••
Thank you so much for all the love, comments, FT calls, texts, and well wishes! Ya girl felt super loved 💗 #CheersToMoreLife #31nightonly #AriesSeason

Alexa play, Tokyo Jetz “I’m The One” #ratchetbirthday #31nightonly

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