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Mutiara Citra Dewi  An teacher. A sitizoner. A romanisti. An ice cream lover. A food-motivated. A proud Muslim.

It was a hard goodbye back then. #OhioUniversity forever in my heart, forever a #Bobcat #Repost @aldenlibrary with @repostapp
With one last look at and @AthensOhio from the stacks and some bittersweet words from the 1933 Athena Yearbook, we wish all of you graduating this weekend all the best in the next chapter of your lives. May your farewell to campus be only for a little while. #OHIOGrad2017 #OhioU #ohiouniversity #graduation #AthensOhio

SQUAD 😎😎 #teachers #efbanjarmasin

Love the caption πŸ˜πŸ’“ love you too mommy Almeera. Another memories have been created. Friends for life!! #Repost @narazetha with @repostapp
Best friend, not about how much time we spent 2gether but how often she spent her time in ur special moments.... trough distance, wheather and confusing map.... lol... thank U dear, luv U....

Here it is!! The authentic cassava soup from my mom's hometown 😍😚 been craving for this for a while and finally had the time to make it πŸ’— My tummy is happy today πŸ’•

#foodnetwork #instafood #mykitchenrules #cassavasoup

PLEASE TWEET NOW!!! #VoicePlayoffsLauren @laurenduski

Hey guys! Can you do me a little favor? If you have a Twitter account please vote for this new favorite from #thevoiceusa Season 12. You can vote by tweeting #VoicePlayoffsLauren on Twitter. The Live voting will be opened Monday night (USA time) which is Tuesday morning (our time) I suppose. She is my favorite in the show. I have been listening to her performances on the voice between my lesson-plannings. I would stay a little longer at the office after finish teaching just to watch her performance. I guess I am kind of addicted to her tone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ If you are new to her music, go check it on #youtube there are plenty of her videos there. She has a soothing voice that will constantly give peace in your heart seconds you hear her singing. Amazing talent she has and what is even more amazing is that she uses her voice to help others. Go check her Instagram @laurenduski to know the story 😘 Thank you!! #Repost @laurenduski with @repostapp
TONIGHT WE GO LIVE! Tonight the voting is in your hands! @blakeshelton has believed in me this far, and now I need your help to make it to the top 12! Voting begins as soon as the first person from #teamblake begins performing. There are two ways to vote: 1. Through the Voice app up to 10 times!! 2. By tweeting #VoicePlayoffsLauren or retweeting one of my tweets with that hashtag included. I am so honored to be able to share my voice with you all one more night ⭐️❀️I love you -- and no matter what happens I am so incredibly lucky to have your support. See you on the other side #TeamLauren!! #thevoice #countrymusic

I was all excited when I found out that there's a good burger stall in my little hometown πŸ’—

#burger #foodnetwork

You can eat all those fancy complicated desserts but it is never wrong to spoil your tongue with simple and traditionally humble treats like this one 😘😍 #uniquesweet #foodnetwork #mykitchenrules #brownsugarjelly

I normally don't like Monday but I all am excited about Monday because of this girl @laurenduski 😍 you go girl! Show them #thevoice you have ❀

#youhavegotyourselfafan #fromindonesiawithlove #thevoiceusa #knockout #teamlauren #teamblake

When you look at yourself in the mirror and you see fats here, there and all over the place and you'll be like πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ this is exactly what you need πŸ˜‚

#badminton #sundayexercise #friendsbonding #imjustanamateur

Live simply and eat well. You'll be happy.

#mykitchenrule #foodnetwork

"We all need to make time for a burger once in a while" ~ Erica Durance

#goodfood #foodnetwork #mytablerule #instafood #foodmotivated #beefurger #cheeseburger

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