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Robert J. O'Neill  SEAL Team Six. 2 Silver Stars. 4 Bronze Stars w/ Valor. 🇺🇸#TheOperator

Have you thought about your safety? ... Yes. Thanks @max8eight #theoperator

You order now.... I'm signing the shit out of these things! #theoperator #RJO

Learning in SEAL Tactical Training (STT) that the M203 is not deadly as Hollywood makes you think. "One box, one kill!" Fort AP Hill, 1997. #theoperator

Join me at my online book signing at on April 24 at 3:30 EST! Get your copy of "The Operator" and submit a question now at #theoperator #RJO

Where are the damn Rip Its and that canteen labeled "Vodka"? D-16. BAF. 2006 #theoperator

Haze Gray and Underway. Know your heritage. #theoperator

Sometimes you don't need to interrogate... you know you've hit an enemy safe house. Ramadi, 2006. #theoperator

Happy Easter. #theoperator

Have a Happy Easter Weekend you little bunnies. @jessicahalpin

Yes that's a combat mini-van. On our way to do a "snatch and grab" at a "grab N go". The video is out there somewhere...#theoperator

Check this from @cabotguns. Badass... I'll be sure to shoot the first intruder with this! Thanks to @max8eight #theoperator

Pandur time. Baghdad. #theoperator

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