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mitch/meesh  🌱femmeboi • they/them 🌱

caption this with your favorite 90s rom com - ft. soft boi & furry gal
pc: @krarinar

catch me & @krarinar at Savers™ getting all the best dealz like dis rocking chair for $10. #sold

happy birthday Nancy Pants! Hi Thanks for gifting the world with your presence 23 years ago. We gonna party just as hard as you in dis gif. Thanks for always having my back boo; i'll always have yours 😎 @nancysmilesphan #lettuceturnipthebeat

b l i s s. happy two friggin' years to the person that helps me be the best version of myself 💐#queerlove #qtpoc #impollenforyou

#tb #latergram you are a gift, ado. reconnecting with you has been wild/healing. grateful to have grown & wrestled these past 9 years with you. rocky & tumultuous, sure. but i'm proud of who we've become and are becoming 🌱@adoriehoward

nalz looking fondly at her aspiration in life #carbcats

repost from bradford for drawing the cartoon versions of our beautiful selves! #meeshnbradfordhour

hands down the best concert i've ever been too. #4youreyezonlytour #Coleworld #ftp

#youthtogether '17-'18 is gonna be poppin'. Excited for the future young organizers that are gonna be with us this upcoming year!! #thrivingeducation #thrivingcommunities

| c h i l l s |
i'm always feeling somewhere in-between/
like feeling hot & cold at the same time/
they told me that when i get the chills, it means i'm sick/
but what if i shudder/
bc i'm meeting myself for the first time/
and that scares me- sometimes.

we had taco bell by the beach 🌊 would recommend.

hbd to this hella extra, super saucy being whom i love dearly. thank you for pouring so much love & light into me. you make me feel like i can't breathe a lot of the time bc you either have me laughing or crying or both way too hard. you are a gift, a gem, & one of thee strongest womxn i know. love you bb; cheers to 22 & many more to come. #tb #foreverroomie #porchfrandz

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