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Nick McGrath  Ohio State Buckeye '19 Exercise Science/Nutrition NQ NPC Men's Physique Bair Aesthetics 💪 @EatEnlightened (McGrathFit20)

Quick look at some of my lifts, recently:
1st Video: 350x3
2nd Video: 315x10
3rd Video: 275x8
Very happy with my training, as of this summer. Tbh, I haven’t had a “clear goal” in mind, meaning that I really haven’t been aiming for a specific end goal. More so, I’ve just been training to have fun and add overall strength, and have seen improvements as a result of consistencies. •
Once summer is over, I’ll probably be starting a specific goal-oriented program...but until then, this will do 🤙🏼

I live for the nights that I can’t remember, with the people that I won’t forget

If you can name this song without looking it up, you a real one ✌🏼happy Kobe year to the homie @shaneyface5

Little physique update: Currently fluctuating around 194-196, about ~30lbs above PAST stage weights (let’s see what 2019 brings). •
Weighing more than previous off-seasons, but much leaner. Putting myself in a slight deficit right now to get down into the 180’s, but not taking it super seriously. This is my first summer out of prep in two years, so definitely not stopping myself from enjoying it (ya feel 🍻) ✊🏼 •
Ready to continue enjoying the summer, but ‘19, I’m coming for you. & in other words, shoutout the homie @stefan_riveraclack for the dope shirt 🙏

Getting that itch again...might be time to hit that stage again soon 🤔

While I definitely plan on taking the rest of this year off (so I can spend this summer OUT of prep for the first time in two years, and truly allow myself to experience the adventures, along with the foods &🍻 those might bring), Spring 2019 does look pretty good 😏 however, I definitely plan to make some changes in that time. For both of my previous shows, I have stepped on stage at between 163-166lbs, but no more 🙏😈

By taking this extra time, I’m hoping to bring a bigger and leaner physique to the stage. Let’s see what we can do ✊🏼

Movie night popcorn from @eatenlightened ...... 🤤

Let me start by saying that I definitely did not expect to enjoy this flavor as much as I did, let alone fall into my top 3. Taking sweet and salty to another level, you have a light and buttery base with rich swirls of caramel and little chocolate chip pieces. •
Long story short, skip the movie, cause you’ll forget about it once you start eating this 🤤🤤 9/10

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Celebrating hump day with a humping PR 🤷‍♂️

For the longest time, I neglected movements such as the Hip thrust (laziness), but finally incorporating them has drastically helped progress my lower body. Fired up a PR of 350 for 10 🔥🙏

Some quick key points about the lateral raise 👇🏻
🔑 Focus on using your elbow as a driving point for this movement. How to do this? Keep your elbows higher than your wrist, and abduct your arm. 🔑 Bring your arms to a horizontal position. Once you exceed this degree, you transfer the tension from your delts to your traps, so if your goal is to isolate the delts, keep it to this level.
🔑 Don’t swing your way through. Momentum can easily take over a movement, and decrease the stimulus acting on your muscle fibers. Control the weight on each portion of the movement. •
And that’s all, lol 🤙🏼

Grateful for the opportunities @ouab has brought me. Just a few of the AMAZING events that we have had the privilege to bring to campus, and all with a phenomenal group of people. Going a 5th year won’t be too bad with this crew ✊🏼

Marshmallow Peanut butter ice cream - yet another new release from @eatenlightened 🙌🏼🤤

A marshmallow based ice cream with peanut butter over. This is a nice change up from the vanilla bases, and definitely comes out on top among any of the flavors containing peanut butter. So if you like peanut butter, you’re not going to be disappointed 😎My rating: 9/10

Macros for the pint: 18f/48c/28p

Girls appreciate glutes too, right? 🍑

Killed a leg workout with my dude @kvn_apr. Workout from today below 👇🏻
▫️Banded Barbell Squats: 1x10, 2x8, 2x6
▫️Banded Hip Thrusts (shown): 3x12
Tri-Set (30-45s rest after 3rd exercise)
-▫️Lying Leg Curl: 4x12 +
-▫️Single-Arm Kettlebell Swing: 4x20
-▫️Leg Extension: 4x12
-▫️Standing Calf Raise: 3x8
-▫️Bodyweight Standing Calf Raise: 3x16-20 •
Let’s go 🤙🏼🤙🏼

Applause for, potentially, my new FAVORITE low calorie/protein ice cream flavor among all brands 🤤👏🏻

As a huge cookies and cream fan, this Cookies & Cream from @eatenlightened does not disappoint. With a creamy vanilla base (tastes like a Wendy’s vanilla frosty) and massive amounts of crushed up cookie’s a winner in my book. 🥇

My rating: 9.5/10

Managed to not look like a complete twerp next to @sadikhadzovic you could say off-season is going fairly well 😂 -
Seriously a pleasure to meet this guy. Motivation from his journey is unreal.

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