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McGill University  McGill University in Montreal attracts students from over 150 countries every year. (Tag #mcgill or #mcgillmaccampus to be reposted here)

Is this the prettiest tree on #mcgill campus?🤔🍁🍁 Or do you have a nomination for a prettier tree?🍁

Warm blue skies today over @mcgilleng

The beautiful Fancy Dance coin unveiled by the @canadianmint this morning at the 17th annual McGill Pow Wow #firstnations #indigenousawarenessweek #powwow #mcgill

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Delighted to see the famous Holmes heart close up tonight at the newly renovated Maude Abbott Medical Museum, a single ventricle heart from 1823 and one of @mcgillu ‘s most precious artifacts #maudeabbottmedicalmuseum

Treasures dusted off and displayed at a pop-up exhibit at @mcgill_rare during #scilit2018 week, included a 1st edition Sir #IsaacNewton ‘Opticks or, A treatise of the reflexions, refractions, inflexions and colours of light,” owned, & heavily annotated by the author himself!

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Remember last Fall in @mcgillu 😍🍂 cette université m’a beaucoup inspirée l’an passé...

Welcome back to campus, we missed you! ❤️

Got questions about McGill? Join us under the Parents Tent on Lower Campus! Open until August 26th from 9-4pm.

Rewriting our understanding of gastric tumours
New research from the Jones lab shows that abnormal inflammation triggered by the immune system may underlie the development of stomach tumours in patients with #PeutzJeghers, a hereditary cancer syndrome. The findings should open the door to potential treatments based on targeting inflammation rather than tumour cells. (Illustration by scientific illustrator Ella Marushchenko, visualizing the interplay between the immune system and polyps in Peutz Jeghers syndrome.) More info on #McGill Newsroom.
This new research is published this week in Science. @goodmancancerresearchcentre

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Dean Rolston (May 20, 1953 - July 20, 1994) was a gallerist and Buddhist practitioner who died of AIDS in California. He was 41 years old.
Born in Los Angeles, Rolston was a graduate of @uofcalifornia, @mcgillu Faculty of Law, Montreal and @columbia.
Rolston practiced law on Wall Street, and then directed the #56BleeckerGallery art gallery in New York City.
Renowned for his trademark head scarf, he was also a contributor to @artforum and author of the memoir — Remembering Dying: A Mahayana Perspective on AIDS — which documents the last two years of his life.
Following his HIV diagnosis in 1987, Rolston left Manhattan for the serenity of the Green Gulch monastery outside San Francisco. In the last four years of his life, he lived in Muir Beach, California.
📷 © Matthew Rolston @matthewrolstonstudio
#whatisrememberedlives #theaidsmemorial #aidsmemorial #neverforget #endaids

It’s a beautiful day to pick up some fresh produce from @mcgillfarmersmarket on McTavish! 🥒🌱 What’s your favourite veggie or fruit to get from the market?
#farmfresh #farmersmarket #mcgill

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