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As part of fundraising initiatives for #Mexico following the #earthquake on September 19, the #McGill Mexican Students' Association are serving breakfast and lunch today in the lobby of the Bronfman building. They'd be thrilled to have you stop by!

So what's with all the #butterflies? "The butterflies we have seen are mostly Painted Ladies (Vanessa cardui) and not Viceroys or Monarchs. There are a few compounding reasons we are seeing so many butterflies this week. First, painted ladies migrate south in the fall in search of warmer weather so we are seeing many of those migrants on their journey south. Second, painted ladies migrate quite high in the sky but the recent warm weather has encouraged them to come down to the ground and forage for nectar. Third, painted ladies were quite successful in breeding this year, so we are seeing much larger populations. It is interesting to note that we are experiencing an El Niño year which has resulted in a wetter spring and an extended summer. These factors could easily be contributing to the success of painted ladies.” --McGill grad student, and insect expert Vinko Culjak Mathieu

@sciencemin Kirsty Duncan with a rapt audience of #McGill students

A full day of traditional drumming and dancing at the 16th Annual Pow Wow on campus #mcgill #powwow (Photos by Neale McDevitt)

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First week back means PHYSICAL TESTING ✨ amazing potential recruits, plenty of new projects & an amazing season to come 💪🏽 #mcgillskiteam #dryland #skintowin

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Rochy Hroch gets the start tonight in our home opener against the @umontreal @carabins!
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In recent years, scientists have discovered fast radio bursts, energetic single pulses of radio emission arriving in random directions from unknown sources well beyond our galaxy, the Milky Way. The origin of these pulses is a major puzzle in high energy astrophysics. With its huge field of view and broad frequency coverage, the CHIME telescope is a nearly ideal instrument for finding and studying many of these bursts, enabling scientists to tackle one of the most mysterious new areas of astrophysics.

The new #CHIME radio telescope will act as a time machine allowing scientists to create a three-dimensional map of the universe extending deep into space and time. CHIME’s unique “half-pipe” telescope design and advanced computing power will help scientists explore the frontiers of modern astronomy and better understand the shape, structure and fate of the universe. #CHIMEexperiment

CHIME is a collaboration among 50 Canadian scientists from the University of British Columbia, the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). The $16-million investment for CHIME was provided by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the governments of British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec, with additional funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. The telescope is located in the mountains of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley at the NRC’s Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory near Penticton.

Photo: Andre Renard, Dunlap Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics, U of Toronto; CHIME.

#CHIMExperiment #astronomy

#McGill’s Joelle Pineau, first Applied #MachineLearning class of fall semester. Half of 177 students enrolled come from outside computer sciences. #AI

Premier cours d’Applied Machine Learning de la session avec Joëlle Pineau. La moitié des étudiants inscrits n’étudient pas en informatique. #IA

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Can't believe I actually wish I was going back to school today. Miss you, @mcgillu. Good luck to everyone on their first day back! #mtl #montréal

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We love it when #McGillalumni use the long weekend to reunite on campus. This group of friends met in their first year at Molson Hall. Now they live thousands of miles apart, but a little distance never stopped McGill grads from having fun. 👯
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Hey McGill! If you want to improve your fitness, push your limits, and make some great friends and memories, rowing is the sport for you -- no experience required. Join us Tuesday September 5 at 6pm in Tomlinson Hall to find out more. (link to FB event in bio) #rowing #mcgill #mcgillathletics

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