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M.C. Escher  A true artist of the illusion.

I loved my husband, so creative and unique. He was a great husband to our children. He was so passionate for art and he was so successful. I love and miss him dearly. -Jetta March 27, 1972

I was very fond of the illusion of arts and lived my life doing what I loved. I have a wife, Jetta, and have a family. I'm growing old now and am in a home for old artists. My final work consisted of 448 woodcuts, linocuts, lithos, and over 2,000 drawings. I had a successful life.

Another one of my pieces proves the original idea of tessellations incorrect. Shapes besides the triangle, hexagon, and and square can make up a tessellation. Because of my artwork, mathematicians can understand the complexity of the plane and the tessellations of my artwork.

My artwork led to the idea of irregular tessellations and mathematicians figured out the reason behind my artwork. My artwork made it look like the shapes changed and interacted with each other and broke free from the plane. Mathematicians learned, from my work, reflections, glide reflections, translations, and rotations.

I created this masterpiece 1938 and named it "Cycle". My love for tessellations showed in my artwork and created confusion on the makeup of a tessellation.

An example of my artwork is shown below. I created this masterpiece in 1953 and named it "Relativity".

I attended School for Architecture and Decorative Arts in 1918 and studied there till 1922. My passion for architecture slowly changed into a passion for drawing and printmaking. My teacher, Mr. Mesquita, saw my passion and encouraged me to follow it.

My family and I moved to Arnhem where I spent my childhood. I had a passion for architecture and design. My goal was to go to college for this subject and become successful.

I was born in Holland on June 17, 1898. My family and I didn't stay here for long. We eventually moved.

Hello Social Media! My name is Maurits Cornelis Escher! Here's my life through a series of pictures

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