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Happy 4th of July everyone it's just a tick tock thanks to God first thanks to the men and women protecting our freedom but a special shout out to my Russian friends for being here it's not your holiday but you are here everyone have a wonderful day

You may have to enlarge the picture but to the right is a rainbow cloud first I've ever seen yes still got my head in the clouds

It's been so hot here but now we got a thunderstorm coming my lights went off that never happens 60 miles an hour winds I'm outside can't wait

The wind is blowing the rain sideways lighting and thunder I love it

Sometimes the valley is green but sometimes dusty and dry but some damn how we have to make it to the other side nuff said

The promise

Now this is mine alone I am Christian but born into witch the moon is my Crescent she is my throne

A flower to be saved a flower for your grave Happy Mothers Day enjoy with the angels

Me and the dogs we love the spring we chase the ball we laugh we dance we sing

Pretty damn cool

Born witch I was Christian I became not religious but believe in his name tragedy I know all to well like someone climbing the gates of heaven and hell but at the end of the day I made it through my victory my story lives another day what's your story

Too all my friends just the other day this tree had know leaves now it stands out beautiful so don't hit me everyday how happy life is supposed to be shit happens tell me how life can suck but then tell me how we gonna stand up this is for my friends who know the real

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