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Web on the loom...Twill blocks of American Maid natural cotton yarns, can you see the 3 color rotation? Testing my +20 tieup on my Cranbrook. #lunaticfringeyarns #weaversofinstagram

Before the Texas storms, taking an unexpected early JI crop and trying out Rowland Rickett’s blender indigo recipe for cotton. Hand spun & handwoven cotton scarves from Laos. Bonus!

In the Xam Nua marketplace we found a great example of using a partial counterbalance shed to create a simple design element in a cloth. In this case the weaver had inserted two bamboo poles in the place of a weaving sword and rigged them to a counterbalance shed. The result was an efficient shedding mechanism attached to a treadle that was placed between the plain weave treadles. It is treadled when the white shot was needed to frame the plain weave color rotation. Elegant solution. Simple bamboo efficiency.

The jar is in place for April/May start up...

Starting to bring order to chaos. Takes two people to connect up the slippery cords. Husband is very patient.

The carpenter came this week. Now that the Plus20 frame in place I am stringing the texsolv cords. A bit more time under the loom than no more! New tie up system in place. I will be happy to get the loom warped again.

Madder root bed weeding....saving the good stuff...... #madderroot

This handwoven rug found a new home this month.
Deb McClintock 2015

Sometimes one cannot anticipate the interruptions life presents. This piece was created as a loved one began a serious journey with dementia. Dementia is a cruel disease that fades and jumbles memories. Thoughts are shuffled in a confusing order not determined by anyone but the relentless dementia within. Life color memory fades completely or swings wildly from sharp to hazy. Working with the colors of my valley bring calm and order to balance events I witness. Like watching the river relentlessly overflowing its banks, changing directions or fading away with the sun; watching someone struggle with the ebb and flow of life’s memories is heartbreaking. Working with natural dyes teaches one acceptance of nature’s choice. Nature determines the depth of shade, the intensity of hue, the success of the color strike and the length of time the color holds. One creates and lives within the constraints of nature one does not control.

Just sayin.... Freeze dried Indigo Suffruticosa is much easier to handle than frozen Japanese Indigo. So much for experimenting.

Answers for those who played the indigo blender game earlier this week. Colors after wash/rinse...

Let's play "What was in the fresh leaf blender?" Please note these skeins have not been washed! More to come after washing to see what really sticks.

1. Which skein is blender indigofera suffruticosa?
2. Which skein is blender Japanese Indigo?
3. Which skein is a "blend" of both Japanese Indigo and Indigofera Suffruticosa?
4. Which is the leftover skein for all season?

Please note the @botanicalcolors hoops in use!

9 pound damp stretch underway, grateful for idea of how to display my natural dye silks. More to come...

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