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Katherine McCauley  girl sleuth / notary public / aspiring sea cap’m / pokémon league champion / 10,000 years old / nice

last year on this day i was riding an icelandic pony named mósa. today i am not doing that! every day since has been a disappointment. i yearn to tölt again. thank you for your time. thank you to horses for being good!

am i a snow mage who cursed the northeast to become a tundra by spending 50-60 hours on this cross stitch last month? yes but my mom liked it so it was worth it. special thanks to sufjan stevens for recording five hours of christmas music to guide me through the infinity voyage so many times. sorry about the dark ice magicks

prosperous wishes for twenty-bb8-teen from mr. cecil, the holiday boy

hey guys! it’s christmas time! and i made my grandma this cross stitch but WON’T be giving it to her until tomorrow so DON’T cross snitch on me!!!

witness him. all shall know the wonder. thank you to mr. cecil's catsitter for this exquisite graven image

boys in the band desperately ordering boat drinks as though their lives depend on them

the ocean is my ghost-type pokémon gym 🏰

such an honor to meet the winner of the Number One Good Boy award for the last six years!!!!!!!!

i miss these soft, sweet boys and i want everyone to see this picture of them making their christmas faces. please love

goodbye iceland, you are a good place and i wish i could stay and eat skyr with you forever!!! the world is abundant, etc.

loving the nordic vistas and more than ever i just want to be a moomin

mjólking this peaceful city for all it is worth 🇮🇸

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