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Katherine McCauley  girl sleuth / aspiring sea captain / future cranberry bog hero / pokémon league champion / 10,000 years old / nice

such an honor to meet the winner of the Number One Good Boy award for the last six years!!!!!!!!

i miss these soft, sweet boys and i want everyone to see this picture of them making their christmas faces. please love

goodbye iceland, you are a good place and i wish i could stay and eat skyr with you forever!!! the world is abundant, etc.

loving the nordic vistas and more than ever i just want to be a moomin

mjólking this peaceful city for all it is worth 🇮🇸

commissioned this tasteful monet painting this morning

little chilly in iceland but we're working on it

(note to all cecilwatch subscribers: we are not yet together, my mom took this and texted it to me, life's extremely bad)

this fancy boy walked right up to me and went to sleep and it inspired me to turn my life around, A+ bird experience

kayaking on the potomac with sufjan stevens at the magic hour is the one thing i will miss about the warm times

guess who's participating in democracy!!! #vote #vote #vote 🇺🇸

It's Nice Here, Despite Everything

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