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Um...simular, I think yes....

Breakfast/pocket dump #tacticool
Paracord lanyard, Bushnell trkr t140l, epic beard balm by @bakerleatherandblade , three burner torch lighter, sccy cpx2 9mm, spiderco paramilitary 2 with the zip tie mod....and a salad, cuz were trying to be healthy!

I did a thing! She said yes!!!

That moment you max flex a stock jeep!

Yeah, because I can weld 😂 Lol smh...

Got some good stuff from my good friend at @bakerleatherandblade today. Some glorious beard balm! Its awesome! Y'all with beards should check him out. is the site. ;)

Nate, saw this today, thought of you homie.

Typical family Christmas...cousins on the couch ready to leave immediately after arrival.

What? Lol...close enough for me!
I can't be the first person to catch this, right?

Kool-aid jam with the fam

Simple math... Hairy arm + sharp knife = shaved arm...