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Brian McCabe  I'm about Charity, Pop Culture & Marketing. Boston boy in an LA setting. Bridge between Show & Business. Marketing inquiries:

For those in the know, this is where @paul_rae makes the food magic happen #boil

Made it out to the coffee shop. Funny how things can swing back round

IDK, do you think anyone will notice I had open heart surgery?

I miss the days of kindness when we had Mr. Roberts.

I entertain myself

Items may see larger than they actually are...

Wearing the latest in hospital fashion!

Today’s the day. Waiting to be admitted for heart surgery bright & early in the morning. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was terrified, but I’m stuck & this is the only way through. For me, having a change of heart is actually going through something than avoiding it. 😉 I have someone posting updates on Facebook because I don’t know when I’ll be back online again.

Well, this is certainly good news considering my surgery is Wednesday. I have indeed been released from the hospital today.

I have my surgery date! Yay! It’s Wednesday. So, I’ll be released tomorrow & come back then. Gotta put affairs in order. If anyone wants to get together before I have a big hole in my chest, let me know

Health Update #4: I had an angiogram today. They went through my arm, so I have a hole in my wrist now. The good news is there’s no other obstructions in my heart. So, all that’s left is to deal with is the heart muscle itself. Should be meeting with surgeon tomorrow to schedule that procedure.

Health Update: Things moves fast & furious today. Had an echo of the carotid artery this morning. Then got an MRI, which I aspirated in half way through. Fun! Tomorrow will be an angiogram. All of this now is pointing towards open heart surgery either end of week or beginning of next. They’re going to keep me here throughout. On the plus side, this should fix the problem once & for all. Visitors welcome, but angiogram is going to be late in the day most likely. Plan accordingly

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