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Brian McCabe  I'm about Charity, Pop Culture & Marketing. Boston boy in an LA setting. Bridge between Show & Business. Marketing inquiries:

Back to my kale smoothie ways again. This one with apples. I did sign up for the reward program for @jambajuice so this one was half price-ish. #healthscare #healthy #hearthealth #jambajuice

Driving in the car today, I heard a story of a couple who drowned at Havasu. I heard the names, but didn't put anything together until another mutual friend posted on FB. I can't say I knew Raul well. My interactions with him were limited to a couple of days a year volunteering at a blood drive. I can say he was a good man. He gave of himself. He devoted his life to others. For that, I admired & continue to admire him. It does not surprise me that he died trying to save another. My heart ached before this news. Right now, I'm shell shocked & numb. What's left of my heart goes out to his family, his co-workers & those who knew him better than I. I will miss you, Raul. #RIP

Day 3 in the #kale smoothie chronicles! This is the Age Buster from @robeks but it doesn't work. Still getting older in a couple of weeks #healthscare #healthy #hearthealth

Kale smoothie #2! This one from @jambajuice Don't think I'll be able to afford this habit regularly. Yikes! #hearthealth #healthy #healthscare

This is who I am now. I drink kale smoothies from @robeks now. #hearthealth #healthy #healthscare

Free at last! Glad to see I was in good hands @providencehospital in Temecula.

This is how I pump iron

I'm on a liquid diet, but not the fun kind! #

Update on me. Stress test cancelled for today. Going to have echocardiogram instead. I'm staying for at least one more day. If you want to visit, that's the address & room number. Don't call number though. I can't reach phone. As you can see, I'm deep in the valley, so understand if you can't visit. No pressure.

What's a July without a trip to the hospital? That heart monitor just went crazy with an a systole alarm, but no one reacted, so I guess no biggie.

After watching #13ReasonsWhy, I felt compelled to write about it. Either copy this URL: into your browser or click on the link in my bio to read it.

It's that time of year again. Things are getting hot! So, please, please, please remember to take care of your hipster. They're going to want to wear black in an attempt at "irony." Don't let them. They'll just overheat. And if by some miracle you're able to get them to wear short sleeves or shorts, for the love of God, make sure they put on sunscreen with a high SPF. There's a possibility those limbs haven't been exposed for years! It's best if you don't let them outdoors except in the early morning or late evening. But if they have a job (ha! ha!), please take the appropriate actions to safeguard them against this heat! And never leave them in the car unattended, even if you're "just going to be a minute" shopping.

#heatwave #LAHeatwave #TooHot #heat #hot #100degrees #california #socal #LosAngeles #LA #California #lol

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