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Emcee Black Jesus  Emcee Black Jesus || 4 Elements

It's about time I show some appreciation for my baby mama. I don't nearly treat you as well I should considering how often you're there for me. You've taught me a lot in our relationship and you help shape me into a better man everyday. You're constantly pushing me to get back up on my feet whenever I give up. You always tell me to keep writing music even when I feel like I'm going nowhere and my music is trash. I push your buttons way too far sometimes and I know I test you and get on your nerves. Despite everything, you stay with me and deal with my childish ass self. I'm sorry I let what people had to say about you get in the way of our relationship before and I know most of your family and friends don't approve of me, but even if it takes the rest of my life I'll show them and you that I'm the one for you. I wouldn't trust anybody else raising my kids ❀️

Here's a new track as promised πŸ™πŸΎ Hands Up (Feat. Emcee Black Jesus) by Sam Ruckus is OUT! Show some love by clicking that link in the bio and let us know know what you think.

All rise πŸ™πŸΎ Fresh is now released! Link in bio. "Fresh" prod by @k.b.smashedit with @a.p.e_sj @mcblackjesus and #MacG on tha mic. Scratches done by @germalowmakee and Mixing & Mastering by @samruckusmusic | And special thanks to @lf_doom for the cover art and always making us look good

It's the last day of waiting πŸ™πŸΎ Lemme hear that Amen! "Fresh" by @a.p.e_sj , Mac G, & myself @4e.organization
Photos taken by @lf_doom

2 days till Fresh is finally released!
I hope you're ready for 4E, you've been waiting long enough. "Fresh" by @a.p.e_sj , Mac G, & myself @4e.organization
Photos taken by @lf_doom

3 Days till the release! A little sneak peek for all the 4E Fans "Fresh" by @a.p.e_sj , Mac G, & myself @4e.organization
Photos taken by @lf_doom

I wish I could tell you this in person, but I've never been good about talking about how I feel. Congratulations on graduating Jacob. I know it's middle school, but it's still a big stepping stone in life. I'm proud of you. We didn't always have the best, and growing up where we did didn't help, but you're still graduating and I hope you're proud of yourself. I'm sorry I didn't always treat you how I should have, but I've seen you as a younger little brother since we were young. I had problems growing up, but I should have realized that you were stepping in the same shoes I was in. I know you're destined for great things, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If you want to play ball, then do it. You'll get into the NBA with no problem. Don't be scared to hit me up when you need to talk, if you need advice, or if you want to hang out and shoot hoops. We not living the best life right now, but shit we gonna make something of ourselves. You're more than a cousin to me, you are a little brother and I got your back any day. I think this might be my first time saying this and I'm sorry I haven't told you it before, but I love you and I care for you. There are going to be times where you're going to feel like nobody loves or cares for you and when those times come, please shoot me a text or call me till I reply, even if it's 3 in the morning. I know what it feels like to be there and I don't want you feeling like that. Let me know when you're free and I'll take you to my new pad. We can drink and I'll bring some cuties for you πŸ˜‰ haha (don't tell your mom though) Cheers to graduating and being the only brothas in the family 🍻 Let's show the rest of the family what we can do. #FlatTopCrew #HighTopFadeBrothas

Next Friday @4e.organization drops one of the tracks off our upcoming album, produced by KrikitBoi with @a.p.e_sj , Mac G, and myself on the mic. It's fresssh

June 6th | 2:37 am
Keep a straight face forget how you feelin
Focus on the chase no third wheelin
They'll stop and stare pretend to care
But in reality there was nobody there
Unaware that the nights were sleepless
Waitin to strike when you at your weakest
To feel a sense of power to tower while you cower
But wonder why you kept fuckin with the powder
Shot turn to blunt blunt turn to xan
Do hiding all your feelins really make you a man
Emotion camouflaged lodged in abyss
Cuttin up my brain no scars on my wrists
They invade at 6 Hide your heel Achilles
Cold hearts grow colder when weather gets chilly
Be on your own and see through your eyes
Learnin how to trust will lead to your demise
Photo taken by @lf_doom

The Newest Addition πŸ“–βœοΈ
Sit back and Relax, it's almost story time.

Photo taken by @nhanonegrander

If you haven't already, be sure to check out M.E. by Sam Ruckus on SoundCloud! Check out the full song 🎧 Link in Bio!
Instagram: @samruckusmusic

"Don't get alarmed, but..
I think I might be Jesus." Photo taken by @eternal.sunflower

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