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Grey's Anatomy  β€”β€” I don't mean to be the big, sad widow

Teddy is a badass

Teddy is such a cutie
Teddy or Teddy?
Yes that's my question πŸ˜‚

Tenry is the most underrated couple on greys
[Henry] or Andrew Perkins?

Comment a "πŸ’‰" or "emoji" if you want to be tagged in my next post

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Hi guys! I'm back and i made a new theme
For everyone that doesn't know I'm also @drunksurgeons
Owen or [Teddy]?

[they are talking about Teddy btw]

This is going to get like no likes πŸ˜‚ but that's okay because I love this scene so much because it just shows how much teddy went through even before Henry. I love her so much. She is so strong.
qotd unpopular greys opinions?
aotd Favorite characters are Teddy and Addison. I don't really like Merder at all and I don't ship Slexie that much. I like private practice more than greys, and I don't like Meredith that much (I liked fetus Mer, but not so much now).

Awww Fetus Tenry 😍
qotd Favorite Chief?
aotd Owen or Webber

[part 4]
Hated Mark and teddy together so much πŸ˜‚
Qotd Callie or Arizona?
Aotd Arizona

[part 3]
So I'm not going to disable, thanks for all your support!
qotd Mark or Derek?
aotd Mark

[part 2]
Thinking about giving up and disabling this account, it's just a lot of work especially because I have like 10 other accounts. I love teddy and she will always be my fav character, but I'm just bored with all my accounts rn tbh

[part 1]
Hey guys sorry for not posting, I wanted to post a row of AUs but I couldn't think of anything so I'm just going to do a row scene edits for now
qotd Mark or Derek?
aotd probably Mark

Arizona and Teddy πŸ’—
qotd Favorite Season?
aotd season 7 cuz teddy but also loved seasons 2 & 3 because Addie
Dedicated to @greysvillage

Poor Teddy 😭
She deserved do much more
qotd Do you like Addison?
aotd YAS she's one of my favs (the other being Teddy) and if you don't like her, fight me +
Main @drunksurgeons

Aww poor Teddy (she's referring to her loving Owen when she first came but he chose Cristina) +
qotd Cristina or Teddy?
aotd I love both, but obvi Teddy

[pt. 3]
This is an AU (Alternate Universe) it didn't actually happen. The first and second part are on my account.
I'm sorry for breaking your heart +
qotd Do you guys want me to post more AUs?

This is the second part of my AU, meaning it never happened. The first part is also on my account +

qotd Teddy & Arizona's friendship or Teddy and Owen's?
aotd Teddy and Owen's

[pt. 1] +
This is the first part of my AU (alternate universe) story. This didn't actually happen
qotd Teddy or Owen?
aotd Teddy 😍

Cristina complaining about Teddy when she first arrived.
qotd: Cristina or Alex?
aotd: ugh I can't choose

This scene πŸ˜‚
For those who don't know, all/most of my posts will include Teddy Altman because she was one of my favorite characters, and I think she deserves more recognition because she was amazing.
Scene ic: @theplasticposse +
qotd: If you could bring back 3 characters (dead or alive) who would they be?
aotd: Teddy, Addison, and probably Henry or Cristina

Teddy and Arizona's friendship was so underrated.
qotd: Arizona or Callie?
aotd: Arizona

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