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Terpy McTerps  Always searching for that next best wave.. Terp Surfin

#purplepunch shitting on em! Can’t wait to get these #purplepunchxgg4 poppin

#sinmintcookies on a stripper pole 😂😂 she’s got a future

#sinmintcookies cookies about a week into flower! Threw 3 random pheno into flower this one looks the most cookie dom #sincityseeds

I want to say thank you to all the clone guys over the years who have made my life easier! You guys have passed out the bottom of the barrel cuts, full of nasty pesticides bugs and pm!! But wait there’s more you charge people 5-6 bucks a pop because your laughing to the bank when they buy 3-400 at a time 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ you have trained people the think this is acceptable. When I started doing clones I told everyone I want to make high end popular CLEAN clones available to the average guy who doesn’t want to go pay people like str8organics $50 dollars for a 1/8th of his outdoor weed! So please when you hit me up for cuts respect that my price is my price. If you want to pay less that’s your right just remember they won’t be my quality 👍🏻

Another room filled up! In a few weeks this will be a jungle 💪🏻💪🏻 #cleanexoticclones

Want to grow healthier cannabis I’ll give you two suggestions. First your environment is the most important factor in growing healthy plants! Two, check your ph and Ppms before you feed and after run off. I try to be at 900-1150 ppms in veg going in and 300 ppms higher coming out. Ph should always be 5.8-5.9 🍻🍻

#purplepunch seeded still throwing some bats! Whoever guesses the closest to the final number of mature seeds from this plant... I might give you something free 😁 #purplepunchxgg4 #cannabisseeds #feminized #prop215 #420 #916 #norcal #sacramento #cityoftrees #topshelflife #bitxhimhigh #hightimes #dank #growyourown #breeding #mcterp #yee #thc #cbd #cannabiscommunity

When your girls roomie has the hetti rig 😭😭 broken quartz nail on a Ti nail on an adapter 😭😆

FYI ginger brew is not ginger beer... I guess I should have read the label a little better! After the 4th Moscow mule it didn’t really matter 😂😂🍻🍻

I think I got this #weddingcake figured out she’s starting to flex harder every day 💪🏻💪🏻

A #sinmintcookies male that’s not making the cut.. sorry dude I’m keeping s clone of you but I don’t think you’re the one ✂️✂️

#ABC always be closing was how I learned it, but now a days it’s always be cloning!

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