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PRECIOUS🎤  Respect da mic ENTERTAINER-HOST-HYPEMAN🎤 Co Founder @linq_ltd Snapchat= johnpj90 🇳🇬|🇮🇪

Alibi4 with my broski 👊

This guy is my Brother but can I say one thing this guy is hardest working guy I know and also extremely fucking annoying much lov my g ❤

This is a throw back moment couple years ago. I used to ask promoters, djs and anyone to put me on. I do it for free, hosting for sub-standard event with empty clubs. What I'm trying to say is whatever u love doing, dont give up on it.
Now fast forward to the future. I get to fly to different cities just me and my mic and we having a fucking great time. I quite my day job started my own business. Its scary at the start but I wouldnt change it for the world.
All I'm saying take the risk or you will never know what could have happen.

One of many proud moments hosting in one Akon concert trust me so, if I can do it so can fucking you!

Always a muderfucking movie with my g 🎤

Feel so good to be back!!!
Catch me in alibi this weekend with the boyz TEZ &LATZ

Yes fam!!! Cant say much but next year gonna be maudd🎤📺🎞

Hold on!!!I'm on a private jet🛫

Bigger and Better 🤫 ps haters will say I didnt buy the jet BITCH SMD

The journey begins 🤫🎤

bigger and better 😉🎬🎤📺

Thanks @jdsportsie for hooking me, hosting this event was much fun to the team 🎤☝️catch me shoutoutat alibi tonite💨📽

Dublin was maudd💣
Shout out my djs @frankjez,@djebay @djabstylez and @idrisvirgo from love island the vibe was serious 🎤🎧


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